Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Great food, great outing

Yesterday was an eventful one. The initial plan to go to 1U was canceled during the last minute (and I MEAN last minute as in decision-made-on-the-way-in-the-car :-p ). So went to Berjaya Times Square instead. Did some CNY shoppings over there. Oh and by the way, I was there from 12pm to 6pm...hehe

Right after that, Dad asked for opinions on where to have dinner and stuff and I gave my usual "Anything-lah" reply :-p

So off we went to Sri Petaling woooohooo We had dinner at this nice place called 'Green Valle', where it serves some very nice authentic Chinese food. Let the photos do the talking

Do you know who they are? :-p

Some of the antique stuff on display and more of those old recordings

The environment of the restaurant was set up to give that real oldies Chinese authentic historical feeling, with antiques such as clocks, some black discs of some very old Chinese singers (and I do know some of them hehehe)

The food was very nice too and the price was not expensive at all, yeah you heard it from the miser's mouth :-p For example, sharks fin soup for 8 pax costs only RM45 and man it looked delicious, from what I saw on the table next to mine. We ordered a herbal duck (RM25 for half a duck). It was good. And it came with some "tong gui" sauce to go with it. Nice....

The herbal duck

Next up were the tauhu and the vege. The tauhu was cooked with minced pork...not bad at all...only RM10 or so if I recall correctly. Didn't take the photo of the vege simply because I was too hungry during that time :-p What to do? Been windows shopping for 6+ hours hehe

Tauhu with minced pork

And most importantly, being a Chinese tea person (that doesn't mean that I'm old :-p remember that), I simply love drinking the Chinese tea here. The taste was a bit different from the usual ones that I drink in any restaurant but it was very nice.

AND and and.....while you are dining, the PA system will be playing some old songs to enrich your dining experience there. It was very soothing and it did go well with the food... an absolutely great place to go dating, or even to have a gathering with your family and loved ones :-)

Free dessert at the end of the meal, on the house

The restaurant is located on the same row as Wing Heong (branch of Jalan Imbi) and here's the link on Wikimapia.

After a hearty meal, we went to a nearby pasar malam...not realizing that there's an even bigger pasar malam than the one in Connaught, Cheras. Took us 2-3 hours to cover the entire thing and by the time we reached home, it was already 12am.

Tiring but fun :-)

So Happy New Year to you and your family and may all of you be well and happy...always :-)


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