Friday, January 23, 2009

Vista A Ripoff of Mac OSX?

Up till this day, people (especially geeks) all around the world are still having one question in common - Is Microsoft Windows Vista a ripoff of Apple Mac OSX?

Well, from the YouTube videos below, I can assure you that the answer is a big 'No!'. Simply because for every thing on Vista that people claim to have been taken from OSX, there's still difference between the two. Don't believe me? Take a look at the videos yourself and I'm sure that you'll be convinced at the end of the day :-)


So what say you? Yes or No? But it's up to you at the end of the long as you are happy working on your computer, be it a Mac or a PC. As for me, it's my Mac :-p

Happy 30th Birthday to Apple and Cheers

Welcoming The Year of The Golden Ox

The last Friday for the year of the Rat and look what I've got myself busy with to welcome the year of the Golden Ox

Yeah that's right....beside that stylo Oakley is a pile of documents and research literature to review and to read up during the Chinese New Year holidays. Looks like the CNY this year will be a working one for me, like the Ox! Hardworking and tough :-p But I'm sure that it'll be worth it as my future lies on it and how well I'm doing will determine how well I'm gonna celebrate the many more CNYs in the future.

Wish me luck my friends and in the new year of the Golden Ox, I wish you and your family good health and may all your dreams come true. Have a blessed year :-)

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Severe Cold Temperature in Thailand

I was doing my work at home after a hearty dinner when my sis came to me saying "Gor (big bro in Cantonese), there are people who died in Thailand because it's too cold over there!" At first I was very skeptical about what she said as how could Thailand, a SEA country, so near to the Equator, can encounter something as unusual as severe cold temperature?

So I went to my good friend, Google for some information and found these 2 websites (there were numerous others but I only read these 2):

"0 deg C in certain Northern parts of Thai..." Yup you read that right!

And if you do some further searches, the same thing is happening in India and the Philippines too! I'm starting to wonder if there's something wrong with the world today. Has its orientation changed or are we dwelling further away from the Sun each day? Yeah I know that it sounds a bit exaggerated but I really can't help it. It's as though the world is 'resetting' itself, like what what shown in the movie "The Day After Tomorrow". I don't know if I'm being sensitive, but I somehow feel that most of these things happen after the deadly 2005 tsunami, like a chain reaction going on and what not.

If humans are at fault at all these things, causing pollutions and killing Mother Nature slowly, I think that we all should really do our best to preserve our environment, not only for us but rather for our future generations. We shall all start doing it from today, before it's too late.

May the best be with all of us and hope that the people in those affected countries be free from such pains.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Adium Failed To Connect To MSN

It seems that as of today (local time 10am 13-1-09 in Malaysia), the Microsoft server has been fixed and 1.3.2 can be used to connect to MSN again.

Problem fixed :-)


Was doing my work as usual at office today when I realized that I was disconnected from MSN on Adium. After numerous tries to reconnect, it seemed that Adium just couldn't get through to the MSN server. So I switched to my office PC (running XP) and managed to connect from there. Thinking that there's a problem with my Adium, I resumed work.

It was when I got back home that curiosity took hold of me and I went to Adium website and stumbled upon this interesting news here:

Starting at about 20:00 PST tonight (January 11), Microsoft’s servers have stopped accepting logins from clients that use version 15 of the protocol, including Adium 1.3.2. The Debug Window in debug and beta versions of Adium reveals that their server is failing to find a certificate that it needs when Libpurple attempts to retrieve your MSN Address Book.

In case you’re wondering, this also affects Pidgin, which means it’s definitely not an Adium problem.

There are two ways to connect:

* Use Microsoft Messenger for Mac, the official client.
* Use Adium 1.3.1, the previous version of Adium.

We’re not sure whether this is a temporary server problem or a permanent change that will break P15-using Libpurple-based clients (including Adium 1.3.2) until a future Libpurple release. If it turns out to be the latter, we’ll almost certainly include that Libpurple update in our next 1.3.3 beta.

This shows that the problem doesn't lie on Adium but rather on hohoho Microsoft!! Seems like the people at Microsoft is using a different tactic to drive their customers mad and angry, the first being the infamous Operating System called Vista :-p

So at the moment, while waiting for either Microsoft to fix the problem or the new 1.3.3 beta from Adium, I'll just stick with 1.3.1. Got quite fed up really with the 'not so macro' company.

Thanks for 'cheering up' my day Microsoft.


A Geek's Nightmare

Was having my slumber sleep last night when I was startled by this weird dream...a dream that I can only describe as a geek's dream.

OK...basically I dreamed that Belle turned into a HTC Touch, not a really bad phone actually. But the true nightmare was that it later transformed into a monochrome phone!! It's like back to my Nokia 8110i days! For all the non-geeks out there, it's similar to the situation whereby your girlfriend/wife turned from say Nicole Kidman (very elegant and beautiful for her age IMHO) into say Ugly Betty :-p And for the girls out there, it's like Brad Pitt had turned into 八两金.

Anyhow, I woke up from that dream and I actually went to my Belle and 'raba-raba' her just to make sure that 'she' stays the way 'she' is.

Guess I overworked for the past few months and didn't really have a break. In fact, for the past month, I was working through the weekends as well. Maybe I'm mentally exhausted and my brains start to come up with some weird stuff like this dream...sigh... 87 days more, 87 days to the end and I shall be achieving one of the biggest milestones in my life :-) Wish me luck and thanks (perasan :-p)

A weird and yet scary dream for geeks like me haha Was up since 5am and I don't know if I can stay awake at office today :-p

Did you have a peaceful sleep last night (or at least a sweet dream :-p)?


Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year, New Resolutions

First post of the year 2009 and I'm sure it will be a good year for me. It will be the year where I'll get my Ph.D., it will be the year where Dad is gonna retire and I will be the sole breadwinner for my family, it will be the year of SPM for Sis :-p Overall, it will be a challenging one for me...challenging and yet fun and filled with blessings.

And a new year is not a new year without its resolutions. Though 2008 didn't turn out as fruitful as 2007 but I still managed to achieve almost all of my resolutions. It's not that bad after all. So for 2009, here's the list:

1) To stay alive, simply because I personally think that everything will be useless and impossible if I'm not alive to do whatever I want to do/achieve

2) To stay healthy and happy. Well, to me now, nothing is more important than a good health and being happy and family. So I'm gonna keep my happy-go-lucky 'mou lei tao' attitude towards life and my loved ones.

3) Ph.D. Am gonna get it this year and I will make sure that my thesis will be a blast!

4) Getting a good job. Not that it must be a well-paid one (although money does matter :-p), but rather a satisfying one where I can continue to learn and cramp my small brains with more knowledge and feel happy doing it.

5) If the time is right and if I get to meet the right person, maybe it's time to find a girlfriend too... :-p we'll see

This is not the end of the list. Maybe there's more to come as 2009 goes along :-p I am greedy after all hehe

Happy New Year to you and your family too. May you all be well and happy always :-)