Saturday, March 29, 2008

A little story about my 'wives' :-p

My trusty and loyal Panasonic VS2 has served me for 2.5 years now before finally giving up. It seems that the ribbon that connects the mainboard to the display section (it's a flip phone) has snapped causing the earpiece not to work. So everytime I was on a phone call, I needed to activate the speakerphone mode in order to converse with the other party, which leads to

1) Loss of privacy as every Tom, Dick and Harry around me could hear the whole conversation, especially when Yuan Wu was on the other line and was swearing louder than the Ifejioku of the Africa. And this certainly didn't make me feel comfortable using the phone in campus. Imagine having a call over lunch at the staff pantry and the whole lots of lecturers there. Man!!!

2) My mom has started to 'compliment' by saying that whenever she saw me on the phone, I looked like one of those Car-Tow guy dealing business with customer. In short, she said I looked stupid. :-p

The other problem was that the battery has started to bloat up twice its size so much so that the battery cover won't fit anymore!!! And that I could actually spin it on a flat surface like a top. Man, I wish I could record a video on it and let you see the frictionless spin of my battery. So, 2.5 years have gone and the RM850 was well spent. Loads of fun along the way, with Sonic The Hedgehog entertaining me from time to time. Yup, the phone has the game pre-installed on default.

My 'ex-wife' :-p

Anyhow, no spare parts and the fear of the battery exploding from its over-bloating syndrome drove me to get a new 'wife'.

After much hesitation and deep thoughts with thorough statistics analysis, I finally decided to get the iPhone. Yup, the phone by the fruit company. So on that fateful day, 18th March 2008, I used my iPhoneFund (yup....been channeling part of my monthly savings to my iPhoneFund since the introduction of the iPhone by Steve Jobs during Macworld last year :-p ) to get the new phone. Met up with the seller, COD at Sunway Pyramid at 5pm, got the phone unlocked and jailbroken to be used in Malaysia, and it has never stopped since. The iPhone feels solid in my hand, thinner than I thought but much more durable than I could imagine. And the touchscreen!!!! Oh man, you just gotta fell it for yourself. With great care and handling (like how I treated my VS2, it has very little scratches, just that the hardware failed me :-( ), I hope that my iPhone could last years to come, as my second computer.

In the coming posts, I'll cover the few apps that I have installed onto my iPhone. Praying that there are Matlab and Latex versions for the iPhone :-p

With the Summerboard theme Transleo installed :-)

My first blog!!

Hi guys. This is Mark here with my first post on my blog. Yeah, finally got down to create my own blog after much persuasion by my sis (basically she has been pestering me since day 1 she created her own blog).

Anyhow, quite happy to have my own blog. Here, I'll try to do some coverage of some tech news and also some reviews of the products/software that i have/using.

Since I am an avid Linux fan, I plan to do a coverage of the Linux distro that I'm using - PCLinuxOS, with a KDE platform. Then maybe I'll try to put in some stuff about the PSP since I personally own a PSP Slim and Lite - Felicia Blue running on 3.71-m33 firmware. Lastly, I'll try to provide some updates and reviews of the latest iPhone apps out there that are nice and useful.

Till then, good day everyone :-)