Sunday, March 28, 2010


Earth Hour 2010

So what have you been doing during the Earth Hour? Have you been good to turn off all your lights? :-p

I personally feel that we are not doing this for the Earth but rather for our future generations. I was reading this article on Stephen Hawking some time back and he predicted that mankind will have trouble surviving past a 100 years from now. I'm sure that the Earth will still be here by then, albeit with all the heat and pollution and stuff, but it is the survival of our own kind that forms the big question now!

Since last year, I have pledged to switch off the lights for an hour once a week and I'm trying to increase that to 2 hours starting this year.

Let's heal the world to save our future....

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Was chatting with Mom one day over tea time and out of a sudden she gave me 7 very funny but intriguing questions. The questions were pretty easy, it's either a 'Yes' or a 'No'. And out of that 7 questions, I answered 'Yes' to more than 4 of them. And you know what Mom told me?? That I'm a workaholic.

She went on and commented (and I realised too) that I have not really relaxed myself since I started working almost a year ago. I never really had any holiday... most of the trips that I've been to were business trips and if they weren't, I would take my laptop on the road with me, just in case I could find time to work on my paper or my simulations or to prepare some teaching materials. I had not jogged for more than 6 months!! And the list goes on....

This reminds me of what I was during high school. I was always in the team who was in charged of the PA system for the whole school during key events and many a times, I would skipped my meals during those events as I was busy working at my station or I would be running all over the school to set up the mics and speakers and amplifiers. Looks like some old habits indeed die hard...

Even during my recent trip up north (again...) for my girlfriend's graduation, my laptop was with me and I was working on some lecture materials when everyone (she and her family) was asleep at night.

Gotta learn to let go and relax I think... :-/


Saturday, March 6, 2010

MCSI (Mark CSI) :-p

Victim: Ng Hiu Yuk (not related in any manner to my family :-p)
Sex: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Cause of death: Snapped tail caused by the exhaust fan
Potential homicide? Still under investigation :-p

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Found this on the net, thought that it was hilarious :-p