Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hong Kong & Macau Trip

After so many years and after so many discussions on the intention to go to HK, I somehow managed to go there in the end, last month :)

A very nice 5 days and 4 nights trip with very pleasant places to stay in. Most notable was the stay at Butterfly On The Prat at Tsim Sha Tsui. It's very near to the MTR station and is within walking distance to Temple Street as well as Ladies Street. I managed to visit most of the places on the map and it was a very great trip indeed. Do note that Disneyland is a MUST GO! It's very much worth your money and do allocate 1 full day just to visit Disneyland. You won't regret it for sure :D

Pictures time :p Clicking on the pictures will take you to my Flickr page.

Room 5 on the 9th floor :)

No, I'm not staying here :p

Silence is golden :p

Hong Kong street. Familiar sight for those who watch TVB dramas :)

The tortoise building :p

Avenue of Stars

Taken from Central, after coming down from The Peak.

You see Mandarin Oriental there, that's where Leslie Cheung took his own life in 2003.

Light Symphonywtmk.jpg
I think this is the best pic that I've taken during this trip. And the best pano that I've done too :)

Can't wait for the animated movie that's coming out this year :)

Part of the puppets at the It's A Small Small World ride.
Street parade in conjunction with the 5th Anniversary of Disneyland



DSC_7932 2wtmk.jpg
They really do spend loads of money on costumes and colourful floats! These were for Winnie The Pooh.

DSC_7975 2wtmk.jpg
The Lion King troupe.

DSC_7976 2wtmk.jpg
No, those weren't skins. They're skin-coloured fabrics with painted on tattoos :)

Look closer and see what you find around her legs :)

DSC_7989 2wtmk.jpg
Lilo and Stitch troupe.


Bokeh!! It would be a perfect pic if not for the hand that blocked the man's face :-/

The Lion King stage play. Absolutely fabulous.

It's the circle of life....


...and there's wireworks as well.



You see those deco lines on the floor? Those are actually rails for these floats to go around! Great engineering design! 



The quite empty Main Street at night.


The Sleeping Beauty Castle :)

The nightly fireworks on display hehehe :p

They coordinated that when the pink fireworks went up, the castle would be adorned with pink spotlights as well :)

The fireworks shots would be perfect if the exposure time was longer. But with no tripod and handheld, they are passable la :p

Some fountain in front of some hotel in Macau.

Stanley Ho's legacy.

En route to get my almond cookies.

Simply awesome crystals!!

I think that's all for now. All in all, I took 1000+ photos. So I chose the best few to be put up here. The next time I go HK, I'll visit the Giant Buddha for sure :) One of the very few places that I've missed out this time round.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fixed: Greenpois0n RC5 Bugs and Issues

Everyone was pretty excited when the untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1 came out in the form of Greenpois0n RC5. However, that excitement soon fell into a puddle of disappointment when many encountered problems while executing the jailbreak process, from some weird verbose errors to sudden crashes of the Greenpois0n program.

The following method to make it works is applicable to the Mac platform and it has been confirmed to work (at least on my side here who have encountered those earlier problems). And I have tried it on iDevices which were both freshly restored or just a direct jailbreak on a system which is already on 4.2.1 and even over a RedSn0w jailbroken one.

1) Open terminal
2) Key in "sudo " (note the space after the command)
3) Right-click on the Greenpois0n app, select "Show Package Contents"
4) Go deep into the MacOS folder and drag the "greenpois0n" app into the terminal
5) Press "Enter", enter your password and proceed with the jailbreaking process

It should work now. The same verbose errors might appear again, but as you will see in the terminal, the jailbreaking process is actually going on :)