Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

3 weeks more and it'll be X'mas! :-) Although I'm not a Christian, but X'mas is still my favourite festival besides CNY :-p Always loved the mood and the whole lot of peaceful feelings that come with it. Always enjoyed walking in shopping malls during this period while listening to carols being played over the PA. But too bad, for this year I'll stay at home for most of the time to 'kautim' my thesis hahaha

Yesterday was quite eventful for me, started off going to Damansara in the morning to send in Noir for repair albeit with warranty = free la :-p Then off to Bandar Utama to help mom get her stuff, got a call from IKEA that the stock for her wall-mounted table has arrived and she wanna get it before it runs out of stock again. Next, to Monash to settle some paperwork stuff and also to switch the Feng Shui of my workstation = change to another cubicle hehe

But anyhow, while at IKEA I came across something interesting there. They were actually selling REAL LIVE X'mas trees besides the fake ones. And at the price of RM119, I think it's OK la. The larger one cost RM149. But nope, I didn't get one myself, since adding one more tree to the garden = more work to do/1 more thing to care for :-p Nevertheless, captured the moment on camera and here it is. Enjoy :-)


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