Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cheapest German Car in Malaysia

It's been a while now. With all the heavy workloads and things to do at work, that leaves me with not much time to contribute to this page. 

But anyhow, this post talks about the cheapest German car that was launched almost a year ago: The Volkswagen Polo Sedan. With a price list that hovers right below the RM100k mark, it's really quite a good deal compared to the usual Japanese suspects. 

Test drove it the other day just for the fun of it and the car offers great handling abilities as well as being powerful enough to stroll along in the city or for long distance travels on the highway. Doesn't really feel like a 105PS car at all. The car feels tough and sturdy, one that makes you feel safe being either the driver or the passenger. Hmmm...

And I managed to capture this while having breakfast at Puchong one day. A real handsome car indeed.

*I shall update this page as new information comes along. Quite interested in this car actually :p