Monday, December 1, 2008

Bling-ed Up K810i

Yo guys, been half a month since I last blogged hahaha Been very busy with my PhD stuff nowadays especially with the deadline drawing near. Not to mention also the practice for the performance for the 9th International Heat Pipe Symposium organized by Monash. That's like my first performance on stage since MUFY TalentTime in 2001 and definitely my first solo performance ever hehehehe it went well I guess :-p and nope, I'm not gonna show you the photos :-p


Well, regarding the topic for this post, I was doing my work peacefully in the study room when I saw my sis doing something to her phone, rather tentatively I might add. And to my horror, she was mutilating her phone!!!! YEAH!!! Her SE K810i which is barely 1 year old!!! Being a geek, I always like to leave gadgets to their original 'naked' selves... that's why sometimes I use my iPhone without its case, unless I'm out and I suddenly have this phobia that I might dropped it. Anyhow, here's what she did to her phone

Do you feel what I'm feeling now??? What a total insult to technology!!! To adorn a pretty gadget like that with cheap stuff like those is like to ask a pretty and sexy lady in bikini to cover herself with a towel!!! Errr OK....sorry for being over-exaggerating :-p But still...ahhhh....really "No Eye See".


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