Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year, New Resolutions

First post of the year 2009 and I'm sure it will be a good year for me. It will be the year where I'll get my Ph.D., it will be the year where Dad is gonna retire and I will be the sole breadwinner for my family, it will be the year of SPM for Sis :-p Overall, it will be a challenging one for me...challenging and yet fun and filled with blessings.

And a new year is not a new year without its resolutions. Though 2008 didn't turn out as fruitful as 2007 but I still managed to achieve almost all of my resolutions. It's not that bad after all. So for 2009, here's the list:

1) To stay alive, simply because I personally think that everything will be useless and impossible if I'm not alive to do whatever I want to do/achieve

2) To stay healthy and happy. Well, to me now, nothing is more important than a good health and being happy and family. So I'm gonna keep my happy-go-lucky 'mou lei tao' attitude towards life and my loved ones.

3) Ph.D. Am gonna get it this year and I will make sure that my thesis will be a blast!

4) Getting a good job. Not that it must be a well-paid one (although money does matter :-p), but rather a satisfying one where I can continue to learn and cramp my small brains with more knowledge and feel happy doing it.

5) If the time is right and if I get to meet the right person, maybe it's time to find a girlfriend too... :-p we'll see

This is not the end of the list. Maybe there's more to come as 2009 goes along :-p I am greedy after all hehe

Happy New Year to you and your family too. May you all be well and happy always :-)


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