Sunday, December 21, 2008

1983 - That's When It All Started

The year was 1983, the very year little Mark was born and it was also the very year that sparked the introduction of a revolutionary product that would change the whole world..till this day. And it was also the year that everyone got to know this 'fruity' company which brought upon this change on us, as well as the man (or men) behind this, the Fathers of all Personal Computers, the Fathers of the very machine that you are now using to read this post as well as the very machine that I wrote it on. It was the year of the Personal Computer!! And the video below shows the very first time the machine, the Macintosh was introduced live in front of live audience by the very man that is still shaking the world today, Steve Jobs, whether you like it or not :-p

And in the 90s, who could ever forget the iMac, the very computer that glows from inside its translucent body and also the very computer of which its 'behind' was more beautiful than the 'fronts' of most PCs then, and coupled with the lack of an external CPU box and the great keyboard-mouse combination, who can deny the beauty of the Apple?

And of course from then since, came 3 more (if I'm not mistaken) revolutionary products under the iMac name
It seems that John Ive designed this from a Sunflower

Remember seeing this in The Devil Wears Prada? :-)

And subsequently, the era of the aluminium and the flat keyboard...


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