Monday, December 1, 2008

Hi There, I'm a Mac, No longer a PC

Yup, the news had broken for those who are really close to me. As for those who are not so close, well... all I can say is that I got myself a new wife!!! Yippee!! I have found a perfect replacement for Noir (my Compaq V3125) in the form of a MacBook!!! kekeke Got the MacBook Aluminium Unibody 2.4GHz last week after hesitating for quite some time and also due to the encouragement and support from Dad who had been going "When are you getting your MacBook?" practically every single day. And since I gave French names to all my gadgets, therefore I shall name my new wife Pomme, which literally means 'apple' :-p So if I combine the name of my iPhone, Belle with Pomme now, it says 'Beautiful Apple'!!! Woohoo...sweet :-p

To cut the story short, my good ol' Noir had been sent for motherboard replacement TWICE in each year since I got it and I had a feeling that it's gonna fail soon... As usual, my instinct/6th sense/prediction (whatever you wanna call it la) is very accurate most of the time and so true it seems, Noir failed to start up the same day I got Pomme, right after I've migrated my PhD and other important files over... what luck??!! Now I have to send Noir to HP again for another possibe mobo replacement and it shall be handed safely to sis. Her PC is giving her problems's Windows!! What do you expect? :-p Luckily I extended the warranty to another year..phew...

Got my Pomme together with iWork at Machines Lot 10 and from the rebate of the 2 products, the Mighty Mouse only cost me!! Leopard hasn't hang on me since, the system is speedy, the multi-touch trackpad is so good that I only use the mouse whenever I need to, LaTeX works superbly well, Matlab works flawlessly too, the aluminium unibody feels extremely solid and robust, the backlit keyboard is SEXY!!! and the list goes on... And ironically, Pomme happens to be my first Intel-based system. Been using AMD processors for my previous 2-3 computers.

As for Linux, I'll still be supporting them and will continue to get the latest versions of certain distros, especially Ubuntu and gOS whenever I can and will try to write some personal reviews on them.

From now on, I don't need to reboot my system from Linux into Windows to sync Belle ^-^ Well...Everything Just Works! :-)

To Noir, I will always love you :-)



LCS said...

Yeayeayea... I dont see my PC hang on me??? My Super Duper Vista machine...

Omg everyday i drool over it~
It comes with an aluminium blue lit casing with one of a kind blue keyboard and mouse.

It's plain ORGASMIC!

The Marktrix said...

hahahaha.....sorry man, sad to say but time will tell when your Vista gets bloated and requires a reformat :-p