Saturday, December 18, 2010

Melbourne Trip

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From my disappearance from the blogging scene for the past 3 months, it looks as though my very existence was entirely wiped out from the surface of this Earth. Well, according to a Chinese saying, "I rather be dead now as I have no time to fall ill". Loads of work to do with me doing the work of at least 3 persons has left me losing my usually-working-multitasking-ability skills and flaring up my fiery temper. Anyhow, amidst the never ending workloads, I still managed to spend about 10 days abroad, in Melbourne again (my second one this year) for some research work with my friends from the Land Down Under. Something to take me out of the predicament that's haunting back home here. 

Airborne on Emirates! And I came back in Business Class!! Woohoo!!!!

Sunset onboard the 777...

...the freedom beyond reach

Don't scream pls! It's the unisex toilet :p

It looks as though that guy was gonna commit suicide :p

Melbourne City



At Deakin University

This guy (or maybe gal) has no PhD, but I'm sure he has no worries nor crazy deadlines to meet :)

Lunching by the lake...nice, real nice

...and that's the restaurant by the lake which serves nice kangaroo kebab and superb Hot Choc!