Thursday, December 25, 2008

Joyeux Noël To You All!!

Date: 24-12-2008
Time: 6+pm till 2.15am
Venue: CS' Place

For the last 2 years, most of the gatherings with my buddies (X'mas Eve, NY Eve, Mid Autumn Festival etc.) had been held at my place and I got kinda bored although they are keen to come again this time. So for once, this year, we had it at CS' place.

Reached his place at round 6pm, had a little chit-chat and then dinner...nice meal there. Thanks to CS' mom for the dinner :-)

After that, while waiting for good ol' Yuan Wu to arrive (as usual), we had some fun with the guitar and some other syok sendiri stuff :-p

This fella was playing a CNY song!! On X'mas Eve!!!

And so at last came YW and we started our party. Firstly, a X'mas party won't be a X'mas party without some X'mas hats :-)

Punished, ears pulled for being late :-p

CS' mom at the back: Looks like Mark is not a good boy after all... smells like....hmmmmm

The late-comer turned crooner

...and he got a call from the talent he wishes :-p

...and for the first time, I participated in some liquor drinking activities :-p Away from my home, I'm a devil, unleashed, wild, naughty, mischiveous and noisy hahahaha Good boy no more wooohoo

Wooo...first time seeing anyone using a kettle instead of a bottle for the water to go with the whisky :-p Missing in the pic were the many bottles of Kampai hehehe

Some whiskeys anyone?? :-p

Before we get too high, let's take a group photo first... as can be seen, what happened after that was quite disasterous :-p

It would be a complete whole group gathering if Henry was there too

CS and his Santarina

YW started turning gay :-p Me wearing red, I think he thought I was a Santarina :-p

My new wife Macbook Pomme was playing some songs there and it got our feet moving hehe


...and then my leg went missing :-p

...and now right...

After some Domino's Pizzas, we started with the Cluedo game. But, having liquor in our blood systems coupled with the gathering itself had us being so 'high' and blur that even the Cluedo King (that's me :-p) had got everything so wrong that we switched to some card games since their main motive is to get more alcohol into my system hahaha

Cluedo...not good...we're all blur...very blur...and CS cheated!!

Card game round 1, looks normal

Card game round 2 with McD's, still normal

What happened after that was deemed to be 'out of control' :-p And on a few occasions, I got some 'Truth or Dare' challenges of which I chose 'Truth' and man some secrets were spilled haha

CS had gone nuts!

Bugger CS with his stupid rules!

I refuse to elaborate on this...

We and our dog act, thanks to CS...again comment :-p

Anyhow, it was a great gathering. But having my sis there meant that I need to drink on her behalf most of the time hahaha But once in a blue moon....ok la :-p

The gathering ended at 2.15am...wahsai...more like super sleepy rather than drunk or high haha

Merry X'mas to you and your family :-) Best in health and be happy :-)

Joyeux Noël

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