Saturday, May 30, 2009

Powerful Eyebrows

An ex-classmate of mine MSN-ed me today, sending me a link to this video on YouTube, saying that the video reminded him of me. It seems that the way the children playing with their eyebrows in this advertisement video somehow brought back memories of how I played with mine during the good ol' high school days hahaha

Thanks Lee Ong for the share :-)

Enjoy :-)


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Would like to share this piece of invention with you guys. It is called the Chopsticks integrated eyewear. Credits go to


Who says Germans have no sense of silliness? Berlin firm ic! berlin has designed eyewear with built-in chopsticks where the frame arms detach to double as utensils. Designer Ralph Anderl says his Sushi specs "fly out of the shops", which isn't so hard to believe given the Japanese's love for Chindogu (un-useless inventions). In that vein, why not double the lenses as soya sauce containers? However, we'll have to say no thanks to those Sushi specs unless you like your fish delicately flavored with a touch of hair grease. (Picture from Ananova Web site)

Price: US$330
Availability: Selected opticians in Europe, the US and Japan
Device: Chopstick-integrated eyewear
Basic specs: N.A.


As for me, I have no comments. I prefer to eat sushi with my hands :-p


Monday, May 18, 2009

Nice Clay Pot Chicken Rice @ Tmn Connaught

I was out with my family (as usual) the other day, in search for some nice food to eat for dinner. Most of the times, we would just settle for one of our favourite “Dai Chao” (Chinese dish order-to-cook stalls/mini restaurants), but on that particular day, we wanted to try something different. So off we went to Taman Connaught to this very nice Clay Pot Chicken Rice stall that we’ve heard about.

The stall is located at the corner of a row of shoplots, under the banner of “A You Lee Restaurant”. It shares the same row as the Suzuki showroom, i.e. about 50 metres after you pass by BHP petrol kiosk on your left, assuming that you come from the Bandar Tun Razak or the 50 cents toll of the Lingkaran Timur-Barat or even the MRR2.

We found ourselves a nice spot to park and once inside, we started to ferret about, looking for this stall :-p

Aaaahhhhhaaaaa!!! Here it is...

So we went up to the tauke there and ordered 2 medium pots with some additional offerings - salted fish! So while waiting for the main meal to come, we decided to get some double-boiled soup too, since the tauke said that his are true double-boiled soup with each urn being boiled separately rather than boiling the soup from one big pot and then only distribute them to the many urns. So Sis got herself the Groundnuts with Lotus Roots and I got the Ginseng Whiskers with Chicken Legs. Great idea for those who can’t find the time to cook/boil soup at home and yet craving for one :-p The price is reasonable too. And the taste….yummy…. None of the chicken legs nor the ginseng whiskers were spared by me. Muahahaha

And then came our main meal!

Really not bad at all!! There’s enough sauce in the rice, not too much, but just nice. The chicken cutlets were juicy too. And there’s some Chinese sausages inside too… oh and the salted fish, man it really added additional taste to the whole thing, again the amount was just right as not to cover the original taste of the chicken rice. And most of all, the price is really reasonable for a hearty and delicious meal. Before we left, Sis and Dad ordered another 2 urns of double-boiled soup.

It seems that his Pork Ribs Rice is not bad too. So I bought enough for 1 pax as lunch on the following day and indeed it was good :-)

Another thing to add, it seems that the stall next to it, selling all sorts of porridge is very delicious too, especially the Frog Leg cooked with Dried Chillies Porridge. Must try it next time round :-)

On how to get there, maybe this Google Map image (click for hyperlink) can help you out :-)

And before we left, I managed to get a shot of the tauke with his oooo-laaa-laaaa super nice cooking crock pots chicken rice :-)


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Forcefully Tagged...again

Just want to make my sis a little happier by doing this tag....although she did it in quite a forcefully manner :-p

1. Do you think you’re a freak :

A freak??? Nah.... a geek, yes. Or maybe a freaky geek then :-p

2. What will you do if somebody just pass by and kiss you :
If it's a pretty girl, I might return the kiss and ask for her handphone number :-p Else, be prepared to feel The Power of The Mighty Arm!! Talk to hand dude :-p

3. What are you eating :
Wasabe-flavoured green peas....syok-nya!!!

4. Would you forgive the person who treated you so badly :
Forgiving doesn't mean forgetting.

5. Currently listening to :
My collection of sentimental jazz...nice :-)

6. Do you love being weird :
I would prefer to use 'special' or 'unique' in this circumstance :-p So yah...I love being special or unique :-D

7. Single or available :
Single or available??? What question is this?? *shake head

8. Wish you could have more siblings(?) :
Eerrr...1 sis is more than enough to give me hell. So thanks, but no thanks :-p

9. What do you think of spammers :
My sis is can you feel what I'm feeling? Can you think what I'm thinking? :-p

10. Wish you could be skinnier(?) :

11. Look to your left what do you see :
Things that I won't be able to see if I had looked to my right :-p

12. Hate your life(?) :
Trying my very best not to. After all, being alive is a blessing itself :-)

13. What makes you hyper :
Whatever that don't make me un-hyper, make me hyper hahaha

14. The funniest word that you ever heard :
My best buddy saying "I'm innocent" :-p Oopppss....sorry CS hahaha

15. Is this boring(?) :
What do you think? Being forced to do this and you think that it's exciting?? Come on....

16. Ppl who got tagged :
I won't be spreading this pain and trouble to others :-)


Friday, May 15, 2009

Security Proximity Sensor - iPhone with MacBook on Leopard

For the past few days, I have been playing around with some of the possible things that I can do with the Bluetooth function between my laptop and my phone. So I was thinking if I can use the Bluetooth signal of my phone to control my laptop, i.e. when I am within the proximity of my laptop (with my phone in my pocket), say about 5m, it will lock my computer and do some other things and when I'm back within the proximity, the signal will tell the laptop to unlock the system and back to my working desktop. Sounds cool eh? It's like a wireless key to some of the hi-tech cars nowadays where they automatically unlock and open the door when you get near them :-)

So I visited my best friend, uncle Google and see if there's anyone has done that before. I know that the latest Ubuntu 9.04 has the official BlueProximity built-in so that Linux users can use it with their Bluetooth-enabled phones for proximity detector purposes to automatically lock/unlock the computer when the user (with the phone) leaves/returns to the workstation.

As for Windows users, they can have a look at Blue Lock which serves the same function.

But for this post, I will only be discussing on how to do it on a Mac. Basically the program which will be used is Proximity. So before we begin, first you need to download the following programs:

a) Proximity
b) JackSMS

Basically, JackSMS is a program which will trigger an alarm (in terms of a siren through the speakers) if someone moves the MacBook, close the lid or unplug the MagSafe. And when that happens, you can set it to send the image captured using the iSight camera to a defined email address. Not bad eh? :-D

So once you have done that, install Proximity and run it. There will be an icon on the Menu Bar which looks like an 'X'. Click on it to go into Preferences. Under General, set the Monitoring interval to 10 seconds.

Then under Device, you set the device that you want to pair with and do make sure that you turn on the Bluetooth connection on both your laptop as well as your phone. Once you have done that, you can try to click on 'Check Connectivity' just to ensure that both devices are pairing well.

Make sure that the Bluetooth on your phone is turned on too. Here I use SBSettings instead of going deep into Settings to do that :-)

Next, you'll need some scripts to define your status, either 'Away' from the computer or 'Back' at the computer.

For the 'Away' status, save the following scripts as ProximityAway.scpt using the Apple Script Editor.

tell application "System Events"
set itunes_running to (exists process "iTunes")
end tell
if itunes_running is true then
tell application "iTunes"
end tell
end if

-- Set JackSMS status to on, which also lock the computer
tell application "JackSMS" to set jack status to "on"


As for the 'Back' status, use the following scripts and save as ProximityBack.scpt in the same folder as the previous script file.

-- Pause iTunes (might add in fancy fade later)
tell application "System Events"
set itunes_running to (exists process "iTunes")
end tell
if itunes_running is true then
tell application "iTunes"
end tell
end if

-- Set JackSMS status to off, which also lock the computer
tell application "JackSMS" to set jack status to "off"


*Codes courtesy of

After that, just make sure that Proximity is using these files for the proximity sensing.

Then, you configure JackSMS to lock the computer when turned on.

Go on!! Have fun now with your new wireless security device :-) Again thanks to for the codes and basically everything else.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Dark Side of Me

My mood hit a deep low today. Due to some issues (I'm not disclosing them here as I still wanna preserve anonymity), I'm extremely frustrated and outraged of things that some people do and say. And I reached a point where I was not being the usual me, I started to curse and to swear and some caring friends have pointed out that I was not the soft spoken (I actually thought that I'm quite outspoken :-p) and polite like I used to. Nothing major here, just the usual frustration and anger that a normal human will go through once in a blue moon. Well, at least that I realised that I'm a normal human after all, not so tough and composed as I think I am, though I'm still calm...

But being me, I know that I won't keep this emotion for long. After a good night of sleep, I shall wake up as my normal self again. Just a rant or lament or whatever that you wanna call it from a person who most people see as Happy-Go-Lucky.

For the umpteenth time, I would like to say that I don't think my self as an arrogant/'action'/'lan si' person. If you still insist to think so, please kindly look at yourself before making comments about other people. So please don't try to spread false info about me to other people and making cold jokes on me or what you see/get would be something that you do not expect coming out from me.


pheewww..... OK, back to my usual self after letting it all out :-)

P.S. To my cousin Javan, wishing him speedy recovery and will see you soon on Saturday :-)



It has been some time since I last posted a review on an app for iPhone. Basically, I don't see any need for a review of any particular app now since iPhone OS 3.0 is gonna be released somewhere in the middle of the year during the WWDC 2009. And with new version of the OS means that app developers are gonna need to update their apps so that they can run on 3.0.

So for the time being, all we can do now is to just wait for 3.0 to come out and we'll see how well the existing apps that I'm using (both from Cydia and the AppStore) will go with the new OS. After all, I'm still on 2.2.0 rather than 2.2.1, simply because I'm too lazy to do all the necessary backups and to re-sync everything again after the Restore :-p


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

It's the time of the year again for this special day, not that you can't celebrate it on any other day :-) I would like to thank my mum for all that she had done for me, taking care of me since birth, educating me and grooming/shaping me to be what I am today. I really do appreciate for all that she had done. And I hope that there will be many many more Mother's Days to come to celebrate in the future with her :-)

And today is also the day where I missed my grandma a little. At times like this, I do wish that when I open the door of my home, she would be standing there, smiling, and I can go and hug her with all my might and tell her how much I miss her and love her. Therefore, this post goes to my grandma too :-)

Ah Lut