Wednesday, December 3, 2008

iPhone 2.2: A Personal Review

Yo, upgraded Belle from Firmware 2.1 to 2.2 the other day. Nothing changed much aesthetically, except for Safari whereby now the Google search bar is on the same line as the address bar, to its right to be more precise, as shown here

And of course the Street View in Google Map and the rest of it, all related to Map. As for the rest of the enhancements or changes made to the OS, kindly refer to here for the full list :-)

So what do I feel after the upgrade? Well, I can see that the number of dropped calls on Hotlink network in Malaysia have decreased. The whole interface is much more polished now, much smoother and faster to me compared to 2.1. It's like it's giving me the feeling of owning the good ol' 1.1.4 again...if you know what I mean :-) Most notable enhancement in speed can be seen when opening SMS (oh yeah!!), Contacts, Notes and also Settings.

How to upgrade you might ask? If you are on 2.x, just grabbed the latest version of iTunes (that's v8.02), the firmware file and also Quickpwn 2.2 and follow this Guide here (that's for Windows, the site also has a Guide for Mac OS) to do there rest. Of course, do not forget to backup your stuff, either via a sync with iTunes or by using Chronus for the manual backup. If you are still running on the dinosaur 1.1.x on your iPhone, just do the same thing...the only difference is that you'll need to backup using TimeCapsule instead of Chronus (they're from the same developer by the way).

In the end, should you ask me if the upgrade to 2.2 is worth it? I would definitely give you a 'YES'.

My final personal verdict:

Decrease in dropped calls
Interface much smoother and faster than 2.1 or 2.0.x
Street View and the whole lots of other enhancements in Map
And the rest of the list here

What the other peeps are complaining till cut and paste, no MMS and the others...
As for me...nothing much....fairly satisfied :-)


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