Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The X'mas Mood IS HERE!

Went for jalan-jalan at Mid Valley sometime last week with family. Basically we were quite disappointed with the setup at the shopping complexes in KL with very subtle decorations that really don't give you the X'mas mood. Even MetroJaya at BB is in a sad state this year. Couldn't really feel the 'emo and yet peaceful'-ness (weird? I know :-p ) while shopping there.

So off to Mid Valley we went and I was surprised..very surprised indeed.. the whole complex was beautifully decorated and speakers put up at almost every corner, playing very nice and soothing carols.. Could just stay at the concourse area and enjoy the music/songs and the decos... couples should go there, quite romantic IMHO, provided that it's not that crowded... but who cares :-p Well, at least they are doing something to live up the atmosphere amidst the economic slowdown :-)


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