Sunday, October 19, 2008

Whose idea is it anyway?? :-p

Ever since I embarked on this research work of mine, where the main focus is on safety and the prevention of injuries and loss of life, I had this idea in my head for about a year now. And I actually really plan to make it as one of my major research projects when I've completed my PhD...yeah as I mentioned before I am a thinking man who likes to think about new tech ideas to do in the future to make the world a better place to live in (yeah rite :-p) and also to make myself more famous (seems more like it :-p) haha

So basically here is the idea:


What cars have now are rear sensors which beep when you reverse your car and it gets too close to an object or a person. Pretty neat piece of tech invention there, but still not good enough...especially when you still read about people reversed, hitting their children/pets/wives/husbands/plants and the list goes on. And all these happened even though the cars are equipped with rear sensors.

So what I have in mind is that how good will it be if there's this screen in your car that provides a 360-deg view of your surroundings in full colour, not just black or's like having a camera on right top of your car, assisting you...GPS won't work well in this case especially if you park your car in a covered porch and all you can see is just the roof of your porch and nothing more.

This idea is useful also when you are parking your car in a basement carpark of any shopping complexes or offices and you wanna make sure that the surroundings are safe before getting out, given the security level in our societies nowadays...definitely another plus point to add :-)


But unfortunately, was surfing cnet today and it seems that this idea of mine has been implemented by Nissan via their invention, the Around View monitors in their Infiniti models. Quite sad actually, should've finished my PhD earlier so that I can claim the patent for this idea of mine :-p

The system developed by Nissan...still has rooms for improvements :-p

But oh well, am happy in a way that at least there're companies that focus on safety in their products rather than just making money to feed the Board of Directors. And I think that although the system has been out now, there're still lots of rooms for improvements and I hope I can tap on that someday after my PhD :-) Am openly looking for research collaborators to work on this starting in 2009 :-)

As for now, I think I just need to becareful while driving since my car is 16 years old and it doesn't even have rear sensors :-p Maybe I should start by installing a 7 feet long pole on the roof of my car with a camera on it for the 360-deg view for the moment :-p Or I could just start thinking of a new idea and hope that no one will tap into this new idea of mine in the near future, at least not until I start working on it :-p With this 128 IQ level of mine, I'm sure I can do wonders with this gift from God :-)

Cheers for safety and precious lives :-)


jordanang said...

probably a better idea to changed the 16 years old car into a brand new car with rear sensor??
i am sure a PhD student will be able to afford that! :P

The Marktrix said...

Nah...PhD student like me can only afford cars like a second-hand Kancil, which doesnt have rear sensors :-p

How ya doing man? Been a long time...everything's well at home and at work? Thanks for dropping by :-)