Thursday, October 16, 2008

Forcefully tagged...

Being me, I'm not the type of person who likes tagging and being tagged in chain-mails/surveys etc etc But for today the force seems to be too strong and is inevitable...for she is sitting right beside me now watching me filling up the tags. I'm talking bout my sis by the if you ask me am I happy? Well, I can only reply "Yes, I'm not" or "No, I am" :-p

Alright, here it goes...

- tagged by kyan -

Rules and Regulations:
- Each player in this game starts off with 15 odd habits, habits or little known facts about themselves.
- People who get tagged HAVE TO do this tag and also to copy these rules
- At the end, ten people HAVE TO be chosen to do the tag and their names have to be listed.

So, here we go.

Fact 1: i am weird/'fai'/high most of the time. Colleagues and friends who are not that close to me (YW and CS and gang are already used to it :-p) always ask "Mark, you ok boh?? You ate wrong med today ah??" and I always reply "No, well actually I haven't eaten my med that's why..." :-p

Fact 2: My sis likes to bully me and she treats me like a punching bag and also her art-block. You can see the proofs of hand-drawn tattoos on my hands sometimes...oh well...

Fact 3: I am a die hard Jacky Cheung fan. Been listening to his songs since I was a kid (bout 8 years old) and I think his oldest album that I have is dated back to 1989...and it's a cassette...definitely a classic during this mp3 era :-)

Fact 4: I like reading books by Mitch Albom and Dr K Sri Dhammananda, books that reflect on life and they have changed the way I look at life at different stages of age...yeah I'm getting old :-p

Fact 5: My fav one-liner: "That's for me to know and for you to find out" or simply "" :-p

Fact 6: I like maths a lot...could still remember taking out the Engineering maths textbook and went through the 700 odd pages to study the maths :-p Some of the crazy stuff that I do hahaha I even used to read the dictionary when I was bored but that's another story :-p

Fact 7: Being influenced by my sis, I like to camwhore quite a lot now hahaha maybe it's a good way to keep track on how I look as I travel the journey of human life and these photos will definitely be something to cherish about in the future :-)

Fact 8: DO NOT GET ME ON MY NERVE!! And I mean it!! Though I look pretty innocent and am usually nice in my usual crappy and happy-go-lucky self, you would not like to see my alter-ego...well as the saying goes (based on Mark's theory): A quiet mountain might look harmless and calm...wait till you see it turns into a volcano...all hell shall break lose...

Fact 9: I dislike people who abuse and misuse my trust in our friendships for I do forgive but I don't forget easily...Once I found out that my friendship/trust is used by the person to gain certain advantages/profits in any form whatsoever, please refer to Fact 8 above...Thanks.

Fact 10: I can crap...oh yeah I CAN crap to the point of the followings:
a) from logic to non-logic
b) from non-logic to non-logic
c) from logic to non-logic to further non-logic/nonsense and back to logic
d) but never from logic to logic...well at least not directly lah :-p

Fact 11: Being a miser that I am, I tend to control my spendings so much (a little too much actually) that my friends say that I lose out some of the fun or pleasures in life, but I'm proud to say that I'm happy with what I am and how I lead my life...thanks for all your concerns by the way :-p Your inputs have been forwarded to my Central Admin and they shall be processed promptly I hope :-p

Fact 12 : Just checked my IQ level yesterday and it turned out to be 128. Wow...that means I lie in the top 5% of the world population in terms of smartness wor....but too bad I think I score a higher point when it comes to blurness hahaha

Fact 13: I like to talk to myself a lot...and I mean physically and verbally talking to myself...whenever I am on the verge of mental breakdown, when doing maths, too much stress, when doing maths, when making decisions, when doing maths...well basically it's automated lah :-p

Fact 14: Man...writing 15 odd habits of mine is indeed tough...and I don't plan to reveal all of them here hahaha OK lah...another one. I like to listen to songs of languages that I do not know or understand...always feel that such songs are more meaningful in a way and I tend to feel the emotion of the songs more this way...but being me I do know that I'm weird lah hahaha

Fact 15: During the beginning of each year where new resolutions are thought of, the first thing that comes to my mind will be "To stay alive" :-p I mean, how can you achieve other resolutions when you are 6 feet underground or when your bones are burnt and your ashes are stored in a jar?? RIght?? So as of today, I'm glad that I'M STILL ALIVE!!! :-)

10 people ! TAG :
Honestly, I am forced into this and I don't want the others to suffer in the same way as I I'm tagging nobody here :-)

Forcefully Cheers hahaha


Anonymous said...

I was half expecting you to tag me.

When are you going to reach the sifu level of non-logic to logic,aye?

I used to have that 'all hell break lose' kind of outburst a long time back (well, not that long ago actually). I might have taken some pride of this fact (perhaps wrongly).

Now I simply hope that I never have to face situations that warrant such outburst. And pray tell that when indeed that I am to face such situations, I can remain calm despite the anger. =)

The Marktrix said...

Never mind la...if u feel like it then u just copy the whole thing into ur blog and change accordingly lor :-p

Yeah...I will try to remain calm :-) Having an outburst too often spoils my rating and market :-p