Sunday, October 12, 2008

Looking back...

I always like to look back in time and analyze my achievements/progress in life. As for today, there're two instances that I'm re-living...

The first is my trip to Seoul....yeah yeah time flies and I've been back to homeland for exactly (even to the count of days) 3 months now...came back on the 12th of July, also a Sunday. Let me see, what have changed since I came back hahaha

1) Well I think the most obvious one is that I'm RM800 poorer after the shopping stint in Seoul, buying things for people who are close to me and nothing much for myself :-( hahaha
2) I had the best birthday bash this year...celebrated 3 times and for the one at Alexis, I was nearly dragged onto the stage to join the band performing that night :-) But thanks to those who took the effort to initiate the celebrations and the multiple SMS-es and the phone calls, especially the 2 hours long one which had successfully killed loads of my brain cells :-p Not to mention also the greeting card from the insurance company. Think they're glad that I'm still alive and paying the annual fee :-p
3) And yesterday, went down to Aunt's place and she commented that I put on some weight lately and I took that as a compliment since I've been trying to grow lots of cells for the past months :-p
4) I'm now nearer to the deadline for my thesis submission and I'm working like a mad dog here 12 hours a day (Curfew mode ON and back to my SPM self-control/daily-quota strategy :-p) doing my research and solving the maths. Tough but yet challenging and really soul satisfying when the solution is found :-)
5) Conversely, there're some things that I thought I would've obtained upon touchdown at the airport but have yet to achieve still. Well, that's life and I think I should be grateful with what I have now and definitely could not ask for more. So I guess I'll just go with the flow...if it's destined to be mine, I'm sure I'll get it someday somehow :-)

Secondly, since PMR is starting tomorrow, I can't help to think back 10 years ago when I sat for time flies man...a decade liao :-p Could still remember that during that time, I stuck to my daily-quota of 6 hours of study daily without any tuition and was glad that I got straight As hahaha And I could still remember how I spent the day before the first paper watching 'Jaws' on TV2....relaxed bit before the 'war' hahaha So yeah, it's been a long 10 years and I had never thought that I would reach this PhD level today :-) Am really blessed :-)

Hope that you, who is reading this post at the moment to cherish the time that you have and strive for all successes in life :-)

Oh and before I end the post, mom and I were chatting today and out of a sudden she said these
Mom: 啊 Boy, 你失恋啊?
Me: No ar...why leh? I look like one meh?
Mom: Yalor....your that 'tali' putus liao ar??
Me: Huh? What tali?? What putus?? Me don understand...hahaha no stress mah
Mom: Hmmmm.....
Me: Hehehe...
......and I took the opportunity to change the topic to the renovation of the fish pond outside at the garden...hahaha mom always has surprises for me...all types of questions :-p Sometimes really beh tahan :-p Gotta be on full alert 24/7 :-p


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