Thursday, October 16, 2008


*From time to time, I try to post about the beauty of nature and the importance of preserving it...being a so-called 'environmentalist' me :-p

Woke up today and I thought that I was in Genting or even Camerons...

Really like my new home, although it's been 2 years now haha No wonder my buddies like to have gatherings at my place, the latest being the Mid Autumn Festival...very cooling walking around with lanterns after the rain and admiring the beauty of the moon :-p

It's very cooling here at 250 feet above sea level and occasionally I'm 'greeted' by mist/fog in the morning :-) But today I witnessed the heaviest mist at my place akin to those in Genting/Camerons. With all the hills rocks!! And I really hope that the developers will just leave them as they are...Save Mother Nature!!

All photos were taken using Belle. Must give credit to my 'wife' mah :-p

Right outside my home...woo cooling :-p No jacket on somemore haha

Although I broke my specs, but I'm sure my vision's not blurred :-p

Couldn't resist stopping my car and take photos :-p Man...couldn't even see the hill la

Icing on the cake -> Cool mist + beautiful didn't do enough justice...wish I have a dSLR, sorry Belle :-p

Close-up view...well watching it there and then was breathtaking :-)

The apartment nearby kena 'chopped' in half liao :-p

Well, nature never fails to light up my day :-) How I long to go to the beach, listening to the waves hitting the shore and watching the sun sets again...will definitely make it happens after submitting my thesis :-)

Wish you have a great day too :-)


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