Thursday, October 23, 2008

No sacrifice no victory

Sharks...wanna start blogging and my colleagues are calling me to get ready to help for the Annual Dinner....will continue my thoughts back home :-)


OK here we go...just reached Uni today after a very happening Annual Dinner the night before :-) Only slept for about 5-6 hours but am still sober :-p

So what was I talking bout this sacrifice and victory stuff?? Well, those lines were taken from the Transformers movie actually hahaha thought that they would be most useful to describe the situation that I'm in now.

Basically, for those who are close to me (YW, CS, the rest of the gang and maybe some others), it's been known that my deadline for the thesis submission is cruising in real fast and I'm working about 12 hours a day to make sure that I meet my personal deadline. The actual deadline is in April next year but I'm trying the best that I can to complete everything before CNY...that's like 3 months earlier. And being me, I always tend to have the knack to achieve what many people call 'the impossible', yeah been doing that since my schooling days

~ "Son, go for tuition can you score the As by studying yourself?? You can manage one or not??" - Parents during my UPSR, PMR and SPM heydays :-p

~ "Son, you were not doing so well in Form 4 already, now SPM coming and you still wanna take part in all those competitions??? All the competitions in Form 4 still not enough ar???" - Parents again :-p

~ "Hey dude, finals are coming and you are still going for the monkhood program during the exam week???????!!!!! How are you coming to Uni to sit for your papers??? You gonna come in your monk robe ar????" - I think it was Kai Yuan who said this during First Year at Uni.

~ "HEY!!! What are you doing here being a monk when the exam is tomorrow???!!!! Don't fail my unit!! hahahaha" - Met with Dr Arosha at the temple during the novitiate program...ooopss :-p

~ "Son, you sure you wanna become a monk during exam period ar???" - who else?? :-p

~ "Son, overloading for the semester is really not a good idea leh..." - That was during Third Year when I had to re-sit for a paper :-( But it turned out that it was one of the best sems an avg of strong Distinction and a top scorer for a unit somemore...I'm amazed myself too hahaha

~ "You know Mark, overloading by taking 7 subjects for the sem is really not a good idea...You'll be having 30 credit hours per week!!" - Prof Demidenko on the same matter

~ "The thesis title is not interesting and Dr Edwin doesn't have much experience...It's all MATHS!!! You sure you wanna do it?? Don't play with your future like that." - From a fellow coursemate who thought that Control Engineering was not challenging at all. Hey, I was among the Top 5 Best Theses for the year (and he's not) and I'm NOW doing PhD in Controls and still under Dr Edwin....what say you???

I managed to go against all odds to achieve my dreams and targets thus far, proving many people wrong along the way. Some had grown to be quite amazed (thought of using the word 'admire' but on second thought....nah :-p) of my feats while a minority had become quite jealous...sad to speak. It's in situations like these that true friends shine through with all the support and help that extend all the way...sometimes given unconditionally, much like family. You guys know who you are and I thank you all sincerely from the bottom of my heart :-)

But I dare to say that I did put in humongous lots of efforts and lots of sacrifices to make those things happen. Not to mention also my 'kiasu' attitude (yeah...I admit that being the 3Ks that I am - Kiasu, Kiasi and Kiamsiap :-p) that I can't stand being the loser and laughed at at the end of the day :-p Well...when I'm set on doing/achieving something, basically nothing can stop me. And I'm gonna do it again this time and I'm confident that I can achieve it. It's been almost a month now since I went out with my Crappers Buddies Gang, the last one being the Alexis outing. Sorry guys, but knowing me for > 10 years, you guys know how I set my priorities :-) But we still can go out once a month la...just to chit chat and relax for a while after some really hard work :-)

Strong willpower, being consistent and persistent, willing to make sacrifices and loads of efforts coupled with great concentration is what I'll do till the end of this final hurdle of mine. And I pray to God for all the courage and strengths that I need, but most of all, good health to get me through to make the impossible possible :-) Work hard, I must. Achieve it, I will.

"Ora Et Labora" - Pray and Work -> True MBS spirit!!

Always abide by this personal rule:

"Talent and Effort Are Nothing


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