Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Geeky afterlife

As usual, I was surfing cnet for the latest news in tech stuff and I stumbled upon this new invention.


Well, it seems that this company here is very creative indeed, truly suits its name of Creative Coffins. Basically what it does is that it adorns the coffins with creative designs according to the favourite interest of the deceased. Yup, any design can be used as long as the copyright issues of existing logos and brands are settled beforehand. Well, it seems that you can't evade from copyright infringement issues even if you're dead :-p As can be seen from the pictures below, geeks like me can opt for those with the iPhone or the Mac designs on it, or should I stand on Bill Gates side, the Vista look :-) Even gaming controllers are not spared. I know it's wrong to say it but I do agree that they look sleek and modern compared to the conventional plain wooden ones :-p *touch wood x100 hahaha not that I wanna die so soon :-p

There're more designs and artworks on the website: :-p

Let's see how are these coffins so different from the usual ones beside the aesthetic enhancements. The company boasts that the coffins are environmentally sympathetic and that they are certified toxic-free. And also their Compakta cartonboard (man...they even copyrighted that!!!) is suitable for both burial and cremation. So basically, besides looking nice and modern, the coffins are doing the environment some good that's why I'm gonna categorise this post under my environmental alertness archive - Environmental Scorched Sky :-) Man....the website has a video link too under its Media section hahaha....very interesting indeed.

Talking bout being humourous during a funeral, nothing is up to what this company does...and in a way, I think it's good, not to disrespect the deceased but to make the passing-away moment to be less painful and sad, and that death is just part and parcel of life and everyone has to go through that someday, whether they like it or not.

I guess you can explore the website yourself, so I'm not gonna cover everything here. All that I wanna do was just to share this new piece of 'tech' invention with you guys. :-)

Note: Using a Warcraft DotA design on the coffin won't respawn the deceased after 60 seconds has elapsed :-p


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