Saturday, October 18, 2008

Everlast-"ing" Ducati :-)

For those who knew about it...I broke my pair of glasses last week (and for the second time this year) and had since sent it to the optician for a replacement, just wanna get a new frame while keeping the lenses since the lenses were expensive given my cacat-ed vision -> 100 deg of myopia on the left and 325 deg on the right.....yeah super weird man :-p and given the huge difference, my lenses had to be specifically ordered and made to be of almost equal thickness :-/ The optician at the Optical 88 branch in Leisure Mall gave me 2 news:-

Good news: "Your glasses are actually less than 1 year old and therefore, the replacement is covered under the warranty"...which is free :-)

Bad news: "Sorry Mr Ng, your frame couldn't be found in any of our branches and therefore you need to choose another frame to replace your old one"...great, just great...I'm not gonna get those cheapo frames which have a higher probability of breaking apart.

So I managed to get one of those Everlast frames which cost RM279 and after deducting out the cost of the broken frame of mine and some further discounts (brought my mom along and we both have very good negotiation skills :-p), I still need to fork out RM140 for the new frame....oh well, been living a week without my glasses and my eyes are getting real dry and tired due to the prolonged periods on contact real blind without any vision aid :-(

I am so happy now that I have my glasses back again :-)

Wooo...camwhore with new specs :-p This one is a little wider but much 'shorter' than the previous one's even thicker on the sides and I hope that this one won't break as easily as the previous one :-p Aiya...poor camwhoring skills, managed only to get half of sis' face :-p

And a few days back, I managed to get my hands on a pair of Oakley shades :-) Yipppee!!! Being dreaming of having one for ages hahaha Well, before having my contact lenses, I used those clip-on shades to go with my glasses while driving but now since I'm wearing my Bausch & Lomb during the day, I can't even hang the clip-on on my long eyebrows :-p and also it turns out that the sunglasses given by sis doesn't offer UV protection hahaha no wonder I've been so cacat lately, probably due to the exposure to UV while driving :-p

So I managed to contact this seller (which happens to be the bro of an old uni-mate) who is selling Oakley shades at great discounted prices. So I got the Ducati Monster Dog, which is a limited edition by the way ^^ at almost 40% off the retail store price, which is about RM600. It's even cheaper than what I saw at KLIA when I came back from my Korea trip!! Simply awesome!!!

Ducati red emblem on the sides muahahahaha

Even the Microbag has the limited edition red Ducati tag :-p

...ooooo and the laser-etched Ducati on the lens...awesome!!! Definitely a poison!! hahaha

So....since I camwhored with my new specs, how can I not camwhore with this pair of cool shades??? :-p

Gary (my alter-ego) tried it on and he wanted his pic posted :-p

My expenditures this month are all for the good of my eyes...a year's stock of contact lenses, my new specs and new shades....guess I have to put my thoughts of getting the new portable hard disk on hold till I get the accounts balanced :-p Man....glad that I learnt accounting during my engineering undergrad course. Yup, as a then aspiring engineer, I needed to learn accounting too...but it's useful...but then again, it's another story :-p

Good night :-)

Alright...this is Mark :-p Took this photo before going out today...


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