Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bday party at Alexis Ampang

Blogging using my Belle hehehe
5 guys here celebrating the birthdays of 3 guys at Alexis Ampang with great performance by Shahrizan :) darn cool haha Celebrated my bday 3 times this year haha

Had some pizzas, drank some tea and beer but still very much sober... never really pushed myself with booze actually. Maybe one fine day I shall try that...after my PhD :-p

Great night :-)

Me and bday boy No 1 - Yuan Wu with my wife 'Belle' :-p

Bday boy No 2 with Henry there busy 'flirting' with the former's iPhone :-p

I think I was quite high on air listening to the jazz band led by Shahrizan :-p
Yuan Wu: Mark.....what were you up to?? hehehehehe
Me: Errrr....nothing....just enjoying the music and songs heheheh

Man...all the late nights recently generated lots of pimples :-( Suddenly feel like a teen again :-p

Bday boy No 2 with Bday boy No 3 hahahaha Cheers mate :-)

Reached home at 2am...the latest in years...hahaha Mom was joking that if I ever stay out that late again she's gonna install additional locks to seal me off hahahaha

Mom: hehehe I'm gonna put up few locks to seal you off... You stay overnight at friend's place la hehehe preferably a female's home :-p
Me: I wish!! Wonder who's that lucky girl :-p
Mom: Don't 'fai' la...quickly go shower and sleep!

hahahaha fun mom :-)

Happy birthday to you guys (and to myself too :-p) and thanks for the great night... Amigos para siempre to all of you :-)


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