Tuesday, May 12, 2009


It has been some time since I last posted a review on an app for iPhone. Basically, I don't see any need for a review of any particular app now since iPhone OS 3.0 is gonna be released somewhere in the middle of the year during the WWDC 2009. And with new version of the OS means that app developers are gonna need to update their apps so that they can run on 3.0.

So for the time being, all we can do now is to just wait for 3.0 to come out and we'll see how well the existing apps that I'm using (both from Cydia and the AppStore) will go with the new OS. After all, I'm still on 2.2.0 rather than 2.2.1, simply because I'm too lazy to do all the necessary backups and to re-sync everything again after the Restore :-p


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