Saturday, May 16, 2009

Forcefully Tagged...again

Just want to make my sis a little happier by doing this tag....although she did it in quite a forcefully manner :-p

1. Do you think you’re a freak :

A freak??? Nah.... a geek, yes. Or maybe a freaky geek then :-p

2. What will you do if somebody just pass by and kiss you :
If it's a pretty girl, I might return the kiss and ask for her handphone number :-p Else, be prepared to feel The Power of The Mighty Arm!! Talk to hand dude :-p

3. What are you eating :
Wasabe-flavoured green peas....syok-nya!!!

4. Would you forgive the person who treated you so badly :
Forgiving doesn't mean forgetting.

5. Currently listening to :
My collection of sentimental jazz...nice :-)

6. Do you love being weird :
I would prefer to use 'special' or 'unique' in this circumstance :-p So yah...I love being special or unique :-D

7. Single or available :
Single or available??? What question is this?? *shake head

8. Wish you could have more siblings(?) :
Eerrr...1 sis is more than enough to give me hell. So thanks, but no thanks :-p

9. What do you think of spammers :
My sis is can you feel what I'm feeling? Can you think what I'm thinking? :-p

10. Wish you could be skinnier(?) :

11. Look to your left what do you see :
Things that I won't be able to see if I had looked to my right :-p

12. Hate your life(?) :
Trying my very best not to. After all, being alive is a blessing itself :-)

13. What makes you hyper :
Whatever that don't make me un-hyper, make me hyper hahaha

14. The funniest word that you ever heard :
My best buddy saying "I'm innocent" :-p Oopppss....sorry CS hahaha

15. Is this boring(?) :
What do you think? Being forced to do this and you think that it's exciting?? Come on....

16. Ppl who got tagged :
I won't be spreading this pain and trouble to others :-)


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