Monday, May 18, 2009

Nice Clay Pot Chicken Rice @ Tmn Connaught

I was out with my family (as usual) the other day, in search for some nice food to eat for dinner. Most of the times, we would just settle for one of our favourite “Dai Chao” (Chinese dish order-to-cook stalls/mini restaurants), but on that particular day, we wanted to try something different. So off we went to Taman Connaught to this very nice Clay Pot Chicken Rice stall that we’ve heard about.

The stall is located at the corner of a row of shoplots, under the banner of “A You Lee Restaurant”. It shares the same row as the Suzuki showroom, i.e. about 50 metres after you pass by BHP petrol kiosk on your left, assuming that you come from the Bandar Tun Razak or the 50 cents toll of the Lingkaran Timur-Barat or even the MRR2.

We found ourselves a nice spot to park and once inside, we started to ferret about, looking for this stall :-p

Aaaahhhhhaaaaa!!! Here it is...

So we went up to the tauke there and ordered 2 medium pots with some additional offerings - salted fish! So while waiting for the main meal to come, we decided to get some double-boiled soup too, since the tauke said that his are true double-boiled soup with each urn being boiled separately rather than boiling the soup from one big pot and then only distribute them to the many urns. So Sis got herself the Groundnuts with Lotus Roots and I got the Ginseng Whiskers with Chicken Legs. Great idea for those who can’t find the time to cook/boil soup at home and yet craving for one :-p The price is reasonable too. And the taste….yummy…. None of the chicken legs nor the ginseng whiskers were spared by me. Muahahaha

And then came our main meal!

Really not bad at all!! There’s enough sauce in the rice, not too much, but just nice. The chicken cutlets were juicy too. And there’s some Chinese sausages inside too… oh and the salted fish, man it really added additional taste to the whole thing, again the amount was just right as not to cover the original taste of the chicken rice. And most of all, the price is really reasonable for a hearty and delicious meal. Before we left, Sis and Dad ordered another 2 urns of double-boiled soup.

It seems that his Pork Ribs Rice is not bad too. So I bought enough for 1 pax as lunch on the following day and indeed it was good :-)

Another thing to add, it seems that the stall next to it, selling all sorts of porridge is very delicious too, especially the Frog Leg cooked with Dried Chillies Porridge. Must try it next time round :-)

On how to get there, maybe this Google Map image (click for hyperlink) can help you out :-)

And before we left, I managed to get a shot of the tauke with his oooo-laaa-laaaa super nice cooking crock pots chicken rice :-)



やまだみはる※YaMadA mIHaRu said...

Should try the curry chee cheong fun from the same shop... seriously nice too ^^


ur student.

The Marktrix said...

Oh thanks... will try that next time.

Huh? U my student meh? Sure boh?