Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Would like to share this piece of invention with you guys. It is called the Chopsticks integrated eyewear. Credits go to CNET.com


Who says Germans have no sense of silliness? Berlin firm ic! berlin has designed eyewear with built-in chopsticks where the frame arms detach to double as utensils. Designer Ralph Anderl says his Sushi specs "fly out of the shops", which isn't so hard to believe given the Japanese's love for Chindogu (un-useless inventions). In that vein, why not double the lenses as soya sauce containers? However, we'll have to say no thanks to those Sushi specs unless you like your fish delicately flavored with a touch of hair grease. (Picture from Ananova Web site)

Price: US$330
Availability: Selected opticians in Europe, the US and Japan
Device: Chopstick-integrated eyewear
Basic specs: N.A.


As for me, I have no comments. I prefer to eat sushi with my hands :-p


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