Thursday, January 15, 2009

Severe Cold Temperature in Thailand

I was doing my work at home after a hearty dinner when my sis came to me saying "Gor (big bro in Cantonese), there are people who died in Thailand because it's too cold over there!" At first I was very skeptical about what she said as how could Thailand, a SEA country, so near to the Equator, can encounter something as unusual as severe cold temperature?

So I went to my good friend, Google for some information and found these 2 websites (there were numerous others but I only read these 2):

"0 deg C in certain Northern parts of Thai..." Yup you read that right!

And if you do some further searches, the same thing is happening in India and the Philippines too! I'm starting to wonder if there's something wrong with the world today. Has its orientation changed or are we dwelling further away from the Sun each day? Yeah I know that it sounds a bit exaggerated but I really can't help it. It's as though the world is 'resetting' itself, like what what shown in the movie "The Day After Tomorrow". I don't know if I'm being sensitive, but I somehow feel that most of these things happen after the deadly 2005 tsunami, like a chain reaction going on and what not.

If humans are at fault at all these things, causing pollutions and killing Mother Nature slowly, I think that we all should really do our best to preserve our environment, not only for us but rather for our future generations. We shall all start doing it from today, before it's too late.

May the best be with all of us and hope that the people in those affected countries be free from such pains.



Anonymous said...

I knew there's a cold spell, but I didn't know it came to 0deg in Thailand.

It's cold wind from Siberia. Worse than last year's cold spell. Shanghai actually snowed last year.

The Marktrix said...

The world is changing my friend. It's especially windy here at my place for the past week too... weather is getting very weird :-/