Monday, January 12, 2009

Adium Failed To Connect To MSN

It seems that as of today (local time 10am 13-1-09 in Malaysia), the Microsoft server has been fixed and 1.3.2 can be used to connect to MSN again.

Problem fixed :-)


Was doing my work as usual at office today when I realized that I was disconnected from MSN on Adium. After numerous tries to reconnect, it seemed that Adium just couldn't get through to the MSN server. So I switched to my office PC (running XP) and managed to connect from there. Thinking that there's a problem with my Adium, I resumed work.

It was when I got back home that curiosity took hold of me and I went to Adium website and stumbled upon this interesting news here:

Starting at about 20:00 PST tonight (January 11), Microsoft’s servers have stopped accepting logins from clients that use version 15 of the protocol, including Adium 1.3.2. The Debug Window in debug and beta versions of Adium reveals that their server is failing to find a certificate that it needs when Libpurple attempts to retrieve your MSN Address Book.

In case you’re wondering, this also affects Pidgin, which means it’s definitely not an Adium problem.

There are two ways to connect:

* Use Microsoft Messenger for Mac, the official client.
* Use Adium 1.3.1, the previous version of Adium.

We’re not sure whether this is a temporary server problem or a permanent change that will break P15-using Libpurple-based clients (including Adium 1.3.2) until a future Libpurple release. If it turns out to be the latter, we’ll almost certainly include that Libpurple update in our next 1.3.3 beta.

This shows that the problem doesn't lie on Adium but rather on hohoho Microsoft!! Seems like the people at Microsoft is using a different tactic to drive their customers mad and angry, the first being the infamous Operating System called Vista :-p

So at the moment, while waiting for either Microsoft to fix the problem or the new 1.3.3 beta from Adium, I'll just stick with 1.3.1. Got quite fed up really with the 'not so macro' company.

Thanks for 'cheering up' my day Microsoft.


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