Monday, January 12, 2009

A Geek's Nightmare

Was having my slumber sleep last night when I was startled by this weird dream...a dream that I can only describe as a geek's dream.

OK...basically I dreamed that Belle turned into a HTC Touch, not a really bad phone actually. But the true nightmare was that it later transformed into a monochrome phone!! It's like back to my Nokia 8110i days! For all the non-geeks out there, it's similar to the situation whereby your girlfriend/wife turned from say Nicole Kidman (very elegant and beautiful for her age IMHO) into say Ugly Betty :-p And for the girls out there, it's like Brad Pitt had turned into 八两金.

Anyhow, I woke up from that dream and I actually went to my Belle and 'raba-raba' her just to make sure that 'she' stays the way 'she' is.

Guess I overworked for the past few months and didn't really have a break. In fact, for the past month, I was working through the weekends as well. Maybe I'm mentally exhausted and my brains start to come up with some weird stuff like this dream...sigh... 87 days more, 87 days to the end and I shall be achieving one of the biggest milestones in my life :-) Wish me luck and thanks (perasan :-p)

A weird and yet scary dream for geeks like me haha Was up since 5am and I don't know if I can stay awake at office today :-p

Did you have a peaceful sleep last night (or at least a sweet dream :-p)?



Anonymous said...

Dude, nightmare indeed.
It's like having a nightmare that I got Grade H in SPM. Can you imagine, the worst is grade F and I get H!?

And no, didn't have a good sleep yesterday. Flipped around and woke up in the middle of the night for no reason at all. Haih...

The Marktrix said... understand me so well :-p Too bad you are not a pretty chick hahahhaa

What happened? Thinking bout *ahem??? (am trying very hard not to use the word 'piece' :-p Ks then hahaha)

Anonymous said...

Gaydar detected! Gaydar detected!
Heh heh heh!
I wish I was dreaming about her. That was last week. X^D

I just couldn't get into a comfortable sleeping position. Deng!

The Marktrix said...

I wonder what were you dreaming bout her on nyek nyek nyek

Try using 2 pillows and a bolster: 1 pillow for ur head, bolster to cuddle sideway and another pillow on ur back/neck. Then turn on aircond...quite comfy IMHO :-) Or you could have a girl cuddling u, but with that I dont think you can sleep either hehehe

Anonymous said...

Dreaming about something not suitable to divulge in your 'innocent cum good-boy' blog.

The Marktrix said...

wohohoohohoh.....tell me in detail over MSN then hahaha....don corrupt my blog :-p