Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mark's Believe It or Not?

Welcome to the inaugural forum of "Mark's Believe It or Not?"

Do you ever believe in supernatural powers?? I don't...Well, if you say that David Copperfield has supernatural powers to enable him to fly, to be cut into half by a saw and re-attached back or even to walk through the Great Wall of China etc etc, to me all those would not have happened without great help from countless mathematicians and engineers working day and night with super duper crazy calculations in the background.

But what I found over here is truly amazing...a man by the name of John Chang (not his real name) who's called the Magus of Java somehow has supernatural powers, well something like that. Claiming to be the direct heir from an ancient lineage of sages called the Mo-Pai, John, shown here in 2 Youtube videos was able to perform some supernatural stunts that were truly astounding. Just do a Google search for "Qigong" and "John Chang" and you'll find lots of websites featuring him.

If what he did/still does is true, this shows that his manipulation power and concentration on the projection of Chi in his body is immense. And he said that he achieved all this by meditating everyday...simply powerful...

Here, watch the videos and judge for yourself :-)

So, if all of these are true, this means that someday, someone will be able to achieve such great powers to match those of the Jedi Masters in Star Wars :-p After all, I've read an article in The Star before that Jedi Masters are indeed Qigong practitioners....aiks Does that mean Darth Vader aka Asthma Boy got his 'sickness' due to too much Qigong?? :-p Or maybe we are able to achieve powers like Neo had in The Matrix...wahsai!!! hahaha started to talk crap here kekekeke

So, what say you on "Mark's Believe It or Not?" :-p

To my fellow Crap Gang: Wanna start attending Qigong classes now?? I'm sure YW will be the first one to raise his hands :-p


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