Monday, November 10, 2008

The Inaugural Testdrive

Reached home around 4+ after extending Noir's warranty by another year, changed to my jogging gears for my... well, evening jog la... when Mom called out,

Mom: Wait till 5pm. If Dad is awake by then (Dad was on leave), he brings you to testdrive the Innova. So don't go jog first.

So Dad woke up precisely at 4.45pm and off we went to the super big Toyota showroom next to the super big Old Town White Coffee. Cheras glory mah :-p

My verdict on my inaugural testdrive of any commercial vehicle:
Large (almost as big as the Estima), comfy ride, quiet engine, great air-cond system (the system
warms up quite fast to cool down the cabin. What an irony :-p ), but lacks a tad tad bit of horsepower when going uphill, but still ok lah.

Hadn't much time to discuss with the Home Finance Minister (That's Mom , and I'm the Deputy :-p) on the car since they were off to Jusco to spend the Gift Vouchers I got from Monash :-) Will probably discuss tomorrow as part of the family meeting over dinner...

What an experience in my first testdrive...hahahaha Next drive -> Civic or the Mini :-)


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