Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Largest Mouse??

Got this off the net while surfing for new gadgets on the planet.

Looks quite sleek to me

This new creation, by designer Weston Boege called the Glide Keyboard functions as both keyboard and mouse. Well, from it's shape and size and the numerous buttons, it's quite easy how it works as a keyboard but as a mouse??? Hold on a second....

Well, the keyboard has built-in low-friction pads so that you can slide the keyboard up/down/left/right to move your mouse cursor on the screen. And as you can see, the 2 black pads at the front of the keyboard represent the left and right mouse buttons.

Slide...slide....and away!!! :-p

To me, this thing looks cool when it comes to factor. But on the practical side, I think it will be too tiring to move your keyboard all the time unless you wanna build some nice biceps and triceps :-p But anyway, it's something new and different...but I'll surely try it out if it reaches the Malaysian shores here :-)


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