Sunday, November 9, 2008

Booked & Taken Before The 'Divorce'

Howdy? Great Sunday and woke up at 11am :-p Managed to recharge some crucial battery levels of mine hahaha Taking a break now from writing my paper...

So what's this divorce thing that I wanna blog about? nyek nyek nyek Well, at the moment I'm definitely not married to anyone nor do I have a girlfriend to date with, so my only 'wife' for now is Belle hehehe and 3 individuals have already expressed their interests to 'spanar' her from me :-p Yuan Wu and Yoges have already agreed to pay good prices for Belle should I decide to sell her off.

And the 3rd person is Dad hahaha

Dad: When you switch to a new phone, just leave your iPhone with me :-)
Me: Whoa, I never knew that you have interest in your 'daughter-in-law' all this while :-p

And we both laughed :-p

So when the time comes to get a new phone, of which I hope it will not happen so soon since money doesn't grow on trees, most likely I'll hand Belle to Dad :-) At least I could still see her everyday :-p

Dad's gonna retire next year and I will be the sole breadwinner for the family should he chooses not to extend his employment contract with the company. I think that will be a good time to contribute more and repay them for what they've done for me. Parents have sacrificed so much to pay for my tuition fees that they let go their intention to get a new car and to extend the fish pond in the garden. I have actually volunteered to fork out the RM1000 to renovate the fish pond and Dad was both delighted and touched hahaha Dad o'Dad...

Was talking to mom the other day and I already told her that once I come out to work, I'll push my dream of getting a Honda Civic or even a Mini Cooper aside to get a new car for Dad and I'll just take his Kembara. The Iswara that I'm currently driving has been giving me loads of problems lately, from the leaking roof to the unbearable sounds that it makes while going through rough roads.

So Mom and Dad went to look at the new Innova and Grand Livina today and Dad thinks that the Innova is a better car, and of course he likes it very much (he has been dreaming of owning a MPV for a long time now :-) ). So I was asking him casually...

Me: Choose 1, Innova or CR-V...
Dad: Innova...

So be it. That will be his new car next year, courtesy of his son, if everything goes on well as planned in my head. In exchange for that, Mom said that maybe they will subsidize a small amount of money to help me get the new MacBook so that Sis can get to have Noir to herself since the PC at home feels sluggish and laggy now and I really hate the wires that are occupying most of the space here. Furthermore, Dad has been asking me to get the new MacBook since its launch day.

Hmmm....seems like 2009 will be a great transition year for the Ng's (just like in US keke) and I pray that it will be a great year for all of us :-)

To Mom: The deadlines that you gave me... I'll try to work hard on them :-p

To Sis: Pray that you get hold of Noir soon and I'll surely get you the LeeHom's latest album :-) And pray super duper hard that I strike a lottery soon to sponsor you to his concert :-p But probability is less than 10%, so don't put too much of a high hope la ya hahahaa


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