Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chronus -> TimeCapsule for iPhone 2.1

For those who are complaining about the lack of a 3rd party backup app ala TimeCapsule on 1.1.x for their latest 2.x firmware, worry no more for Chronus is here to save the day :-)

Yup, the guys at Databinge had finally ported the TimeCapsule to work on FW 2.x, giving it a new name: Chronus. From the screenshot below, Chronus still has the same icon as the good ol' TimeCapsule.

Main App launching icon on SpringBoard. Should be familiar to you if you have used TimeCapsule on 1.1.x before :-)

The main app splashscreen...minus the list of other apps by Databinge, i.e. WildEyes etc, unlike on 1.1.x

The main interface of the app looks exactly the same as the one on TimeCapsule where on the main screen you'll have the list of almost all the apps (including AppStore apps) that you have on your iPhone. To do a backup of the data for each app, just tap on the app of interest and you'll be directed to the backup option screen.

Main screen once you are in the app

For demo version of the app (free), you can only save a single backup copy for every app that you have. To be able to save more backup copies or for more backup options, head on to their website and purchase the full version. But if you wanna stick with the free version but still intend to store multiple backup copies, I think the best way would be to use programs like iFunBox to copy the backup folders out from the iPhone and store them on your computer. The backup folders are labelled chronologically so you won't get confused on which one is the latest copy. Once you've gotten the folders onto your computer, just perform the backup again using Chronus. This method is the easiest that you can get if you do not want to buy the full version.

Sample of the backup copy that you have in Chronus (only 1 for demo/free version)

You still have the same controls over the backup that you've saved in Chronus

If you tap the little blue arrow located on the right of the backup that you have in the previous screenshot, it'll direct you to the backup files together with the directory they are stored in your iPhone, making it easier for you to look for them should you choose to transfer the backups onto your computer.

Individual backup files with directory labelling

All in all, Chronus is just TimeCapsule with a new name and ported to work on 2.x. Besides that, they both function the same and are useful and encouraged for each jailbroken iPhone owner to install, especially when 'nature calls' for a system restore or a firmware upgrade :-)



hc said...

if you have your old key, it works as well

The Marktrix said...

Yup that will do, but for ppl like me, I dont even have a key for the older version..been using the demos all this while :-)

But thanks for your input pal :-)


hc said...
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The Marktrix said...
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