Friday, January 1, 2010

Another Day.... Another Year....

... and there goes 2009... went passed us as swift as the fastest train system in China. But I shall not rant for I am counting the blessings that I got in 2009. Blessings from God and from my loved ones, supporting me throughout the last lap of my PhD studies and of course, my new job :-) Not to mention also that I managed to achieve all of my resolutions last year and so for 2010, I am not placing large bets on anything nor am I setting lots of difficult resolutions to achieve :-p I'm just gonna keep things nice and simple, and most importantly, happy and healthy. So here are mine for this year:

a) To stay alive (have been my prime resolution for many years now :-p)
b) To stay healthy (gotta start exercising again and to cut down on my diet hahahaha)
c) To spend more time with family
d) To achieve certain goals in my career
e) Lastly, to be happy and to control my bad temper :-)

Well, of course there's 1 or 2 hidden resolutions (hehe) and some additional ones that I shall be adding on to the list as the year goes along.

Wishing you a Very Happy New Year and may 2010 be a blessed one for you and your family :-)


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