Saturday, January 16, 2010

Great Trip to Penang... again...

This was my second trip to Penang in a month! While the earlier one was on leisure with my dear family, this time round it was a business trip with all expenses being paid for. Was flown there on an AirAsia, being my maiden flight on AA and the plane was late for more than an hour :-/ Bad first impressions....

But well, all my frustrations were gone by the time I stepped into this hotel that I was staying in. It's called B-Suite and should I say that this place rocks!!! The huge space that I have in this room was enough to hold a party for more than 10 pax!! Though I did not pay for the accommodation, but I personally think that this place is worth staying. With the end of the school holidays, it costs only RM135 per night to stay in this hotel, including breakfast!

My only minor complaint of this place is that the TV was a tad too small and the distance between the TV and my bed was a little far. Other than that, I strongly recommend this place to anyone who's coming to Penang during the off-peak season. As for the hotel that I was staying in my previous trip, it was BAD!! But then again, that's another story :-)

Enjoy the pics below :-)

One person staying and I was given a twin-sharing room!! Woohooo!!!

That's how far away the TV was from the bed... No major complaints though :-)

Looking at the main door from the balcony

One of the best bathrooms that I've seen in a hotel ;-)

The nice view from my room on the 12th floor

The same views during the day


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