Saturday, January 30, 2010

Geek Level Up!!

Was sent to Melbourne on official business (as well as some leisure time for myself :-p) and I came back making a large purchase, one that will stop all other major purchase plans for the year. I finally got myself a dSLR. I guess the only geek gadget missing in my stable is a GPS system.

Was surfing around in Melbourne where I stumbled upon this promotion that they have at the airport. Nikon D3000 going off for AUD899, and mind you it's a twin lens kit!! So I got the whole thing there itself; the camera body, 18-55mm VR + 55-200mm VR lenses and a 4GB Sandisk memory card. With that price, it's about RM300-RM400 cheaper than what most retailers are selling back in Malaysia. The only thing not included in the package was a bag and so I got a Sony (so what if it's a Sony? mah :-p) bag for AUD53, which is large to fit a twin lens kit :-)

This is my new wife... I call her Niki hehe

...and with the new year, comes a new look hehehe please have a paper bag ready... you know, just in case :-p


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