Sunday, May 18, 2008

A pledge to help the China earthquake victims...

I was at my aunt's place helping my cousin set up his Streamyx connection. And my other family members were in the main hall watching this TVB show which featured celebrities doing their bits to help generate donations for the China quake victims. And throughout the show, clips taken at the location of the disaster were shown and watching it could really break a lion's heart.

Countless victims, most of them schooling children were perished in one of the latest disasters which had shocked the world. Tremors are still being felt around the world, not of the earthquake but rather the amount of lives lost which have left parents crying foul over the death of their children. Seeing them kneeling, crying beside the bodies of their loved ones, shaking the dead bodies with hope of waking them up is very saddening. There's this Chinese saying "White hair people sending off the black hair people", which clearly depicts the situation that's happening now in China for parents who mourn for their young ones. I'm not going to post pictures of the disaster here as I'm sure we've seen enough for the past couple of days.

The big question that's being asked now is that "Why children form the majority of those who had died in the unfortunate event??" Although the quake happened during schooling time, but that didn't justify the fact that most of the buildings which collapsed were schools. Parents are now questioning the quality of the school buildings that their children were studying in...Were these buildings built according to the specifications? Did the contractors use the right materials of the right quality during construction? And the list goes on... With the Beijing Olympics coming soon, this event had clearly delivered a blow to the country. Children who are participating in the games, children who are the future engineers/doctors/leaders of the country had been put at risk studying in buildings which don't meet the QA and QC standards.

At times like this, I think we should extend our help in any means possible. UNICEF volunteers are already on the sites of the disaster trying to save as many survivors as possible. For us who couldn't be there, monetary assistance is one of the better ways. Many local churches and temples are generating funds to help the victims and everyone should contribute IMHO. You don't have to go to the hundreds or thousands, even RM5 or RM10 are good enough to show your care for the victims. And with Wesak Day ushering in tomorrow, blessing and praying sessions are being held in most temples, with hope that those who are still trapped underneath the rubble and debris be found still breathing air and may all those who've lost their loved ones in the event will have the courage to move on.

And for us who still feel our hearts beating inside us, may we all value our lives and those of our loved ones more, for human lives are fragile, as proven by the string of unfortunate events since the Tsunami in 2005.

To all of you who are reading this,

May You Be Well and Happy.......Always


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