Saturday, May 10, 2008

小二!!!!! 加酒!!!! Oh I mean 加茶!!!

So near and yet so far.....tried looking for this restaurant called "Good old days" (舊陣時) somewhere near Atria last Sunday but to no avail. We managed to find "Damansara Village" but not the one that we were looking for. Ironically, this restaurant was just about 100m from Damansara Village. Why didn't we see it?

Anyhow, I related the story to my colleagues during tea time on Thursday and they suggested that we'd go there on Friday night (yesterday). Then they started to, should I say interrogate (:-p) or rather just asked me the direction to the area. Being the "The Ah Pek from Cheras" me who couldn't tell the difference between Atria and Taman Megah, I think I had successfully confused them to the point that the daily "Shooting Mark" session had advanced to the 2nd Episode (the first session was during lunch time). So I called the restaurant on Friday afternoon, obtained the address from them and my colleagues had actually printed out the map of the area as though we were heading off to the Amazon for a treasure hunt. :-p Yeah....the latest Indiana Jones movie is hitting the cinemas soon but that's another story. :-)

We reached the place at about 8.15pm. At the entrance we found these

Smelly tauhu anyone??? haha

Tong Fang Bu Bai's favourite drink :-p

There's real water in the well, but it didn't look that clean. Royan checking the pH of the water

The inside of the restaurant is air-conditioned and there's even a TV tuned to the ASTRO channel (talking bout modern-epic fusion) and there're rambutan and mango trees as well right in the middle. The ambience really was not bad, giving you the feel of movies ala "Dragon Inn" or the Ling Wu Zhong character. 

Rambutan and mango trees growing together side-by-side...but fake ones :-p

And to complete the whole set-up, all the waiters/waitresses are dressed in this uniform

I tried calling them "小二" (name for waiter in olden chinese) but it didn't work out that well....joke backfired :-p

Time for food and drinks....

That's how you drink your tea!! True classic style

Vege and tauhu and another tauhu

Steamed black "Talapia"
Don't ask me what this was cuz I honestly guess it's a tauhu :-p
Claypot duck with ginger

Claypot pork leg with vinegar and ginger (would be nicer if they'd used old/grown ginger)

All in all, the food was not bad and the price was reasonable too. After makan, we stayed on for another hour to talk and after some encore "Shooting Mark" sessions, we finally called it a day. A great dinner to celebrate the farewell of a colleague and to Penny and Eliz, hope you enjoyed the pics. :-)

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iamyuanwu said...

Looks like a nice restaurant, man.
When the Cheras Three Stooges membership grows, perhaps we can organise a dinner trip up there.

Don't always just hang out in Leisure Mall only. Damn OCD wei.