Sunday, May 18, 2008

You're a Mac, He's a PC.....and I'm a Linux :-)

I've always been fascinated with Apple advertisements, especially the ones which feature the Mac vs PC guys. They're funny and very sarcastic towards the Microsoft Vista OS, and most of the time, it's the PC guy who vents frustration towards his own system....pure sense of irony :-p

If you have Quicktime installed, you can watch the ads here.

I really like the new one, called 'Pep Rally', which was made after Mac scored the top spot in the US among college students. I must say that the ads do work well in driving the sales of the iMacs/Macbooks.

Cheerleaders: Mac's No 1!!!!! Mac No 1!!!!

PC Guy: Hey, you should be cheering for me!

Cheerleaders: PC's No 2!!!! PC No 2!!!!!

But too bad I'm using Linux :-) It's FREE!!!! And Legal too!!



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