Tuesday, May 13, 2008

For my mom :-)

Mother's Day has just passed and my mom was reading her beloved son's blog one day and she said that my blog talks about everything under the sun, from food to computers to my 'wives' (my handphone), but nothing about her. So this 'jealous' Mother-In-Law (hehe) was complaining that I should blog about her in at least one post instead of bragging so much about my 'darlings'. So that's what today's blog is all about...:-p

For today, I'll focus mainly on her magnificent driving skills :-p

To start things off, mom has been having her driving license for the past 20+ years and had only started driving (mainly to fetch my sis to and from school) when we moved into our new home. Throughout the 1.5 years that she has started on this daily mission of hers, she had never failed to amaze me on how she develops new skills while driving. FYI, all news came from my sis in her daily "Sandy's Express News Channel" (my mom's name is Sandy). The list below shows the stunts that my mum had successfully pulled off so far :-p

1) Driving with arms crossed while holding the steering (extraordinary but still quite acceptable)

2) Admiring her pretty manicure designs while on the road (still not as bad as talking on the phone without the handsfree kit), but the car went a bit senget la :-p

3) Hitting the gas while releasing the handbrake and nearly hit the divider (most probably inspired from the Fast and Furious movies wakakakak)

4) Couldn't get within distance with the smartcard sensor at the guard post, either too far or too near. I think she needs the fly beater like the one used in the Digi advertisement. Usually, the guard will just 'bagi muka' and opens the boomgate for her of which she'll say, "I feel like a Princess". Power!!!!

5) The latest addition to Sandy's Express archive is driving with legs crossed!!! Now, even Michael Schumacher couldn't achieved that. I'm shocked, amazed and freaked out all at the same time!!!

As you can see, I think that she is way better than any Hollywood stunt drivers when it comes to innovation and creativity in driving. But nevertheless, I still think that she's the best and most superb MOM in the whole wide world :-). Thanks for bringing me up and guiding me to where I am today and a very Happy Belated Mother's Day.

Will love you always, mom. Muacks!! 我为你钟情, 永远爱你, 妈妈. (taken from 1 of Leslie Cheung's songs :-) )


Anonymous said...

Mark's mom for teh win!!11!1

We should pit our moms in a driving contest. Most ganas driver wins a pack of birds' nest! Bwahahahah!!11!1

The Marktrix said...

I don want. I love my mum...

If you want I pit with you....Need For Speed on PC :-p


Anonymous said...

Pit them in a race lah, not on the streets. CS's mom, your mom, my mom, Henry's mom, Penyu's mom. X^D

In anycase, it is already ganas enough during normal driving.

The Marktrix said...

Then sure CS's mom will win with her gigantic Camry. :-p

Anonymous said...

Yeah wei... I forgot about the twin Harriers? Total pwnage! X^D