Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Psychological Test

This will be the first part of a series of posts about mental health by me. Don't be alarmed!! I'm not down with depression nor am I suffering from any psychological disorder. It just so happens that I attended a talk some time back on 'Mental Health' and the speaker was throwing these quizzes and questions to us participants while we were starving, waiting for him to finish so that we could enjoy the free dinner :-p

Good presentation and insight by the speaker nevertheless :-)

The first part of the seminar was about the following Psychological Test:

1) Are you happy?
- a general very easy to ask type of question and yet a very hard to answer question too.

2) Do you have a zest for living?
- do you feel that each day in life is special in its own way and that there's something to learn everyday? Or are you just sitting in front of your PC/laptop 24/7/365 working on projects or Facebook-ing? :-p

3) Are you socially adjusted?
- do you have friends? Very simple! People around you who are willing to talk to you, share your happiness and sadness and are good listeners. Or do you have trouble mixing with and talking to people?

4) Do you have unity and balance?
- the balance in life! The balance between work and play, work and sleep...even your diet!

5) Can you live with each problem in your life as it arises?
- are you able to cope with the new challenges that come your way or will you confine yourself to your own state of mind, puffing or drinking away and slacking into a state of depression? And is the glass half full or half empyty?

6) Do you have insight?
- can you foresee some of the things that are bound to happen? Do you understand the people around you? Your friends, family or even yourself? Do you understand the problem that comes your way?

7) Do you have a confidential relationship with some other person?
- not necessary a romantic friend.. but rather a friend whom you can really talk to. A good listener. Someone who can provide you with rational and insightful points of view.

8) Do you have a sense of the ridiculous?
- have fun!! In Cantonese we call it the 'Fai'-ness. Have a good laugh from time to time. When was the last time you had a good laugh?

9) Are you engaged in satisfying work?
- do you enjoy your working life? And work here doesn't necessary mean something that enables you to pay the bills at the end of the month. It could be some charity work that you are doing. It could be your hobbies. And the big question is "Do you have a hobby?"

10) Do you know how to worry effectively?
- worrying is OK but over-worrying can lead to mental breakdown and subsequently, depression. Are you just worried for the sake of worrying or are you thinking prudently in the process?

So how many of those questions have you said "Yes" to? Well, Im proud to say that I could answer "Yes" to most of them, especially on the one asking about being ridiculous :-p

Basically, if you answer "Yes" to most of the questions up there, your psychological self is still healthy, and I hope that all of us will get to enjoy that :-)

To a healthier and happier life.... Cheers


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