Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cool Apple AppWall

We all know that the annual WWDC organised by Apple was held on Monday and that there were several updates to the products that they are offering, mainly the MacBook Pro and of course the iPhone 3GS with the latest OS 3.0. But what really caught my eyes was this AppWall that were on display on about 20 Apple Cinema HD Displays powered by 20 Mac Pro's running on the latest Mac OSX Snow Leopard.

What it's showing are about 20,000 apps available on the AppStore and each time an app is downloaded off iTunes or via the iPhone/iPod Touch, the respective app will create a ripple kinda effect on the AppWall. And the best part is that this happened about after only 5mins of delay, which to me is considered realtime. To me, this created an almost same cool effect as the Matrix codes that Morpheus and gang were looking at in that famous movie.


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