Friday, June 26, 2009

The day I lost part of my childhood...

Woke up as usual today early in the morning and went to Uni. Reached there right before the clock struck 7am (no news on radio before 7am). But I got a shock when a few friends SMS-ed me that Michael Jackson had passed away. They knew that I am a die-hard fan of his and well.... real bad news early in the morning, just a day after I got one of the good news in my life.

For the whole day, my spirit was quite down actually. Greatly saddened by the news. Grew up listening to his songs and watching his MVs and I felt like part of my childhood had died with him. Am gonna miss this great legend and his contributions towards the entertainment industry (not so much for his various physical enhancements).

Although the final years of his life was plagued by various legal, health and financial problems, he had done lots to promote world peace and also for the environment. Songs like "Heal The World" and "Man In The Mirror" had touched the hearts of many people around the world, including mine.

So for today, I mourn for one of the greatest entertainers of all times, a true legend and all-around performer. The King of Pop - Michael Jackson. May you rest in peace, MJ.

For my lost childhood


iamyuanwu said...

Don't so emo, dude.
Sad that he left. But his music will always be part of your childhood. =)

King of Pop---Michael Jackson FTW!1!!

The Marktrix said...

Thanks man...but cant accept it la...too sudden haih

Life is so fragile eh? Makes me wonder what is the main purpose of life :-/