Monday, September 12, 2011

Mid-Autumn Is Here!!

Yet another Mid-Autumn Festival. But somehow I feel that things are not the same anymore. During my younger days, we kids looked forward to this festival as it was one of those days where we could play with fire :p, the other one being CNY. 

I used to stay in a government flat and we kids (cousins, neighbors' kids and some adults too) would light up the whole corridor with loads of candles such that if one would look down from the higher levels, it was a sight to behold. But nowadays, smartphones and tablets represent a new age of candles and lanterns. No more fish or Ultraman lanterns to play with. Heck, kids nowadays don't even know how to operate a torchlight!! They just know how to turn on that LED at the back of their phones. 

Sigh... times are changing. People don't value family ties that much anymore. Money and technologies are their new families now. I find that people now are more connected with those from other parts of the world via Facebook or Twitter than the very people who are living under the same roof with them. After all, Mid-Autumn Festival is about togetherness and kindred spirit and fate which binds us together, especially our family members and great friends. 

The haze has already covered the moon tonight. Let not technologies and our inner 'haze' blind us from the very human touch that keep us together.



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