Wednesday, September 28, 2011

En Route To iPhone 5 - Current Analysis

I was browsing around after getting to know that Apple is gonna let  the new iPhone5 out of the bag....finally yeah I know. It's happening on Oct 4th and the tech journalists in the USA have been issued official invites to the event at the Apple Campus.

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So what I found was actually quite interesting. Although the data applies to the USA market but in general, I don't expect it to change that much for the rest of the world. 

First of all, I've never expected that close to 4% of the total iPhones running about nowadays in the USA are the iPhone 2G!! Yeah, the original one with the aluminum back. I was thinking that they can't even top the 1% scale. And most surprising of all, close to 90% of all iPhones are not jailbroken!! Although the USA government has legalized jailbreaking of the iPhone in the country, but it seems like most people are still sticking to the stock good 'ol system rather than swaying to the Dark Side. 

As for the rest of the data, you can get them from the infographic by below. 


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