Sunday, February 14, 2010

Of Tigers, Roses, Chocs and Soft Toys...

And there goes the year of the Great Ox as we welcome the year of the Golden Tiger. According to Feng Shui predictions for those born in 1983, the little Boars (like me :-p), 2010 holds a great year for us in terms of career achievements and wealth generations *wink wink ^^* However, we need to beware while travelling as we are prone to accidents and mishaps... Hmmm... guess that we need to stay alert at all times then :-) Other than that, it doesn't sound too bad eh?? :-p So to my buddies Chickuboy, CiB Henry and Tard Yuan Wu, may we enjoy the best as the lucky Piggies this year :-D

This was taken last month while shopping at Mid Valley

May you and your family be blessed with good health and happiness in this new lunar year :-D


And of couse, CNY this year falls on the same date as Valentine's Day hehehe and I'll be celebrating it for the first time :-p hahaha

Really am grateful to have found a decent and good girl and I'm gonna cherish her for many more Valentine's to come :-)

Hopefully both of them will get along well hehehe

...and this is my Valentine's gift from her :-)

To my Dear Mei,
Je t'aime ;-)

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