Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year....

Yay!!! It's X'mas again :-) But first of all, sorry for the long long delay in the update of my blog. Been bugged by lots of work lately that I could hardly breathe, well at least not literally :-p

So, I've been going round town to most shopping complexes, just to walk around and to exercise my legs hehehe It's been a long time that I've done that and since it's the holiday seasons, the complexes were dressed up to the nines. I think I'll just let the photos do the talking :-p As usual, the photos were taken using Belle and it's just 2MP quality, but I guess it's OK :-)

The Snowmen @ Pyramid Skating Ring

Pyramid New Wing

The non-working clock :-p

Pavilion Entrance

New York-style decos in front of Pavilion (my personal fav :-) )

The lit-up reindeers and sleigh :-)

The ever popular colour-changing fountain

The majestic deco inside

Front view of the main centre court

Just inside the main entrance

...oooooooOOOOooooooo the flying reindeers :-)

Mid Valley with their Hogwarts-style (castles and floating candles) deco


Was there to support a colleague who was in the choir. Fabulous performance from them!!

It turned out that this was not a performance... just a sound-check. What a disappointment...

Berjaya Times Square with their cottage deco

Unlike the one in Pyramid, the clocks here actually works!! :-p Typical engineer hehehehe

The rotating X'mas tree at the entrance with a cottage shop underneath it. Absolutely fascinated by the support of this whole thing...

And there you go... with the year 2009 coming to an end and what a blessed year it has been!

Happy X'mas to you and may all your dreams come true :-)




Quinn said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you Mark! Christmas decorations in KL beats Adelaide but it sorta look commercialized-ish to me though, you think so? Here, we really have a get together dinner complete with turkey, leg of ham and cranberry sauce and that sorta thing. I don't celebrate Christmas back in Malaysia so I really don't know...

The Marktrix said...

Yeah it's quite commercialised over here. Wow.... the celebration in Adelaide seems to be better to foster closer ties with friends and family :-)

Me no Christian but I still like Xmas the most hahaha

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you too Quinn :-)

Andrew said...

Cis! I wonder if 1U, MV, Pavilion were really that far 1 year ago.
How come suddenly all these places are next to your home now?
*dumps a truck load of sarcasm into your blog* =D


The Marktrix said...

hahaha well, i didn't go to all in one day mah :-p

Andrew said...

You still didn't get the sarcasm.
It's not that you didn't go to these places in a day... it's the fact that you even go to these places that amazes.

Ahh.... the miracle of a drug called love!

*dumps another truck load of sarcasm in you blog again!*
Hah hah! =D


The Marktrix said...

And I shall continue pretending not getting your point :-p